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Avon UK’s Hiring Process

Before applying for a role with the Avon cosmetics company, there are many stages in their recruitment process that you should prepare for. The stages in the Avon recruitment process may include:

  • Application Process: In order to apply for an available role, you will need to visit Avon’s online career webpage. Once you have selected a position to apply for from the Avon careers page, you will need to submit your CV and a cover letter to the email listed with the job description.
  • Phone Interviews: After your documents have made it through the initial screening process, you may need to participate in several telephone interviews.
  • Online Assessment: Once you have passed your telephone interviews you may be required to take and pass an online psychometric test.
  • Assessment Centre: Some positions at the Avon headquarters and London office may require your participation in an assessment centre. Other positions will require a day in the field for the position being offered.
  • Personal Interviews: the final stage prior to receiving a job offer will be your in-person interviews. These types of interviews will often be held with a group or before a panel.

Avon UK Talent Q Aptitude Tests

There are many careers that you will have the opportunity to apply for from the Avon jobs website. These career paths include:

Finance Human Resources Information Technology Legal
Marketing Research & Development Sales Supply Chain & Business Transformation


Regardless of the position you have applied for, you will need to take and pass an employment assessment test. The tests that you are likely to face during the recruitment process will be provided by Korn Ferry. The Korn Ferry Talent Q exams are often split into an intermediate and an advanced level known as Aspects and Elements.

The Aspects assessment will evaluate your numerical, verbal, and checking abilities, while the Elements assessment will measure your numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning skills. JobTestPrep’s exclusive Talent Q-style PrepPacks™ include practice for both the Aspects and Elements exams, as well as Excel, interview, and assessment centre preparation materials.

Begin practising for your Talent Q entrance exam to land the job you want at Avon Products company.



Avon Interview Questions

There are many different types of questions that you will be asked during the Avon interview process. These questions will range from those focusing on your CV, behavioural, and competency-based questions. Below you will find several examples of questions to expect during the Avon recruitment process:

  • Why would you like to work for Avon?
  • Describe a difficult challenge that you have had to overcome.
  • How do you handle stress in the workplace?

Behavioural questions should be answered using the STAR interview method.


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