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Action’s Hiring Process

If you are applying for a vacancy at Action in Germany you should be prepared for the following stages in their hiring process:

  • Application Process: In order to begin the hiring process you will need to select an open position from the Action careers webpage. From there you will be prompted to complete a new user registration and upload your CV.
  • Phone Screening: If your CV is found to be a match for the role you have selected, you may be contacted to participate in a brief phone interview.
  • Cubiks Assessments: To ensure that you will be the right person for the job, Action will often have applicants take one or more skills assessment tests.
  • Assessment Centre: During an assessment centre, you will meet with many other candidates who have applied for the same role. You will need to participate in several group activities, additional testing, and interviews during the assessment centre. Not all positions at Action will require an assessment centre.
  • Personal Interviews: Your personal interviews will either be held one-on-one or in a group/ panel setting. It is crucial to prepare for each kind of interview to give yourself an advantage during the interview process.

Action's Cubiks Logiks Tests

The most common aptitude tests used by the Action retail company in Germany are provided by a company called Cubiks. The Cubiks aptitude test or tests you are likely to face during the employment process are:

PAPI (Personality and Preference Inventory) Test

The PAPI test will help Action evaluate your preferred work style in regard to the position and the company's standards. The closer your overall profile is to Action's ideal candidate, the more likely you will be offered the position.

Advanced Verbal Reasoning

The Cubiks Logiks Advanced Verbal Reasoning exam will evaluate your ability to understand various texts and the information they provide in order to answer the questions you will be presented.

Advanced Numerical Reasoning

The Cubiks Logiks Numerical Reasoning Test was designed to understand your proficiency when it comes to numerical concepts. The questions that you will encounter will be related to charts, tables, and graphs. You will be required to perform basic calculations including ratios, percentages, and fractions based on the presented information in the diagrams.

Advanced Abstract Reasoning

The Cubiks Logiks Abstract Reasoning aptitude test was designed to measure your ability to quickly recognize logical relations in the task at hand. These questions will be presented to you in various forms including diagrams.

The combination of your CV, exam scores, assessment centre, and interviews will give the recruitment team at Action a better sense of your skills and fit for the company. Prior familirisation to the test format, concepts, and answers will give you a major advantage over the other Action applicants. Start practicing with JobTestPrep today and get the job you seek.


Action Interview Process

To excel throughout your Action interviews you should prepare for every type of question you may be asked. Below are just some examples of questions you may be asked during this process:

  • What sets you apart from other candidates who have applied for this position?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
  • How do you usually resolve workplace disagreements with other employees?


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