South Wales Police Community Support Officer Recruitment Process

The recruitment process consists of multiple steps. First, you need to fill out and submit an application form. If you have met all the eligibility requirements, as well as filled out the application according to what the force is looking for, you will be invited to an assessment centre. If your assessment centre is successful, you will be asked to take a fitness test. If you pass this test, you will then be asked to take a medical assessment/drug test as well as biometric vetting. Only once you have passed all of these stages will you begin formal training.

Assessment Centre

The assessment centre consists of an interview, a numerical test, and a logical reasoning test.


The interview takes 20 minutes. You are asked four questions based on how you have dealt with specific situations in the past, and you must answer each question in a five-minute time period. The questions relate to the key competencies needed to be a successful police officer, for instance good communication skills.

Numerical and Logic Reasoning Tests

The numerical reasoning test is a multiple-choice exam that consists of 25 questions, These questions measure your ability to solve numerical problems accurately. You have 12 minutes to complete the test.

The verbal logical reasoning test consists of 31 multiple-choice questions which need to be answered in 25 minutes. The test measures your ability to reason logically when given facts about events.

Prepare for the South Wale Police Community Support Officer Assessment Centre

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