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Application Form

The application process for police community support officers consists of several challenging steps designed to ensure that applicants of the highest quality are recruited into the North Wales Police. 

You need to first download the application form, making sure to complete the entire form before returning it. If it is incomplete, it will delay the process, or, worse, your application may be rejected. Make sure you meet all of the eligibility requirements before applying. 

Application Form Assessment

This is the first part of the selection process. You are required to provide evidence of your transferable skills which link to relevant competencies. Your spelling and grammar are also assessed.

Police Initial Recruitment Test

The Police Initial Recruitment (PIR) Test is a multiple-choice test which consists of four sections aimed at measuring some of the skills/abilities required for the role. The PIR Test contains various sections:

  • Spelling and Grammar/Verbal Usage – In this section, you are given a sentence with two missing words. You must choose which words complete the sentence.
  • Checking Information – In this section, you must check that a typewritten list (left side of screen) has been correctly transferred (right side of screen). You must take note of differences or omissions/errors found between the two lists.
  • Mathematical/Numerical – This section consists of numerical problems for which you must choose the correct answer from five possible choices. Calculators are not permitted.
  • Verbal Logical Reasoning – This section of the test contains a description of a situation and additional facts. You must draw a conclusion about these facts, either True, False, or Impossible to Say.

Welsh Test

This is an oral test in which you are required to demonstrate your Welsh language skills at Level 2. There are three parts to the test: answering a question, introducing yourself with some details, and repeating a sentence in Welsh.


The interview lasts approximately 40 minutes. It is based on the Leadership Behaviours and your research into North Wales Police, the College of Policing, and the role you are applying for. The Leadership Behaviours are as follows:

  • Public service
  • Openness to change
  • Service delivery
  • Professionalism
  • Decision-making
  • Working with others

Background, Academic, and Employee References

Background checks and references are performed at an early stage of the recruitment process. If you successfully pass, you will be asked to consent to providing a fingerprint and DNA sample.

Next, you must undergo a fitness test and a medical assessment. If you pass all these stages, you will be offered an appointment.

Prepare for the PIRT

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