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Have you been invited to a Metropolitan Police day 1 assessment centre? Recruitment to all positions at the Metropolitan Police involves some form of this assessment centre. In this article we go through all of the exercises at the assessment centre, with advice on how to prepare for each one.
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The Metropolitan Police assessment centre takes place at the Metropolitan Police selection centre in West Brompton. The assessment centre consists of two days, although these two days may be at different times. The day 1 assessment centre assesses your written, behavioural and interview skills, and also includes tests. The day 2 assessment centre is the physical fitness day. You have to pass day 1 in order to progress to day 2. In this article we give you advice on how to approach day 1 in order to pass.

The assessments at the assessment day follow the process from the National College of Policing.

Metropolitan Police Interview

The MET Police assessment centre interview is a competency based interview, structured around four police competencies set by the College of Policing. You are asked one question on each of the four competencies, and the interview will last for 20 minutes in total. The interviewers are looking for examples of where you have demonstrated your abilities against these competencies in the past, so prepare examples that fit these competencies in advance. Moreover, prepare for the interview itself with a mock interview, allowing you to rehearse how you would answer the questions in a real life interview. JobTestPrep’s Skype based interview can help you gain just the practice you need, with the added bonus of helpful feedback that you can take with you to the real thing.

Metropolitan Police Interview Questions

You are asked one question against each of the following four competencies:

  • Service delivery
  • Serving the public
  • Professionalism
  • Working with others

Prepare examples for each competency. The best way to answer competency questions such as this one, is to organise your answer using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Response).

Metropolitan Police Test

The MET Police Test is really made up of two smaller tests, a numerical reasoning test, and a verbal logic reasoning test.

Numerical Ability Test

You have 23 minutes to answer 21 questions in this test. Each question is based on numerical information such as graphs and tables, and you have to decide which is the correct answer from a set of choices. You are being measured on your ability to use numerical information and draw conclusions on the information provided.

The calculations you will need to make to answer questions include: the four basic functions, averages, percentages, ratios and interpreting numbers on a graph. The key to answering these questions quickly and accurately is to familiarise yourself with these tests through taking practice tests. Our Police SEARCH® Numerical Ability pack is specifically tailored according to the Police SEARCH® numerical ability test. The pack contains SEARCH®-style numerical ability tests, as well video tutorials and practice tests.
You are allowed to use a calculator in these tests. Read up on how to use a calculator in a numerical reasoning test, on the JobTestPrep website

Verbal Ability Test

The second test you will take is a verbal logic reasoning test. You have 30 minutes to answer 28 questions designed to test your ability to make sense of a situation from a set of written information. This test is in two parts: part A asks you to assess whether a statement is true, false or impossible to say based on the information provided; part B asks you to choose the best out of four statements based on the information provided in the text. The challenges in this test involve being able to read information, process it, and answer a question on it in a very short period of time. Practising ahead of the test to familiarise yourself with the format of true, false and cannot say questions enables you to improve your score. You can also take practice verbal reasoning tests to help with the second part of the test. Both of these types of practice test are available from JobTestPrep.

Interactive Role Play

This exercise consists of four role play exercises, each 10 minutes long. Each exercise is split into two parts - 5 minutes for preparation, and 5 minutes for the actual activity. The preparation time is your opportunity to study the materials given to you, and make notes for the activity stage. You are assessed on the role playing section of the exercise only, not the preparation time. 

The four exercises are all based on the Westshire Centre case study, and involve:

  • Discussing an incident that happened at the centre with a customer.
  • Discussing an incident in a shop with a shop owner in the centre.
  • Meeting with two employees with the centre.

You are playing a similar role to those you can expect to present as a Police Officer, but you will have the added challenge that it is within the frame of the case study. In addition, don’t forget that each role play tests you on one or more of the Police Officer competencies. JobTestPrep can help you prepare with our role play tips and guidance pages.

Written Exercises

In this exercise you will have to complete two written exercises, each lasting 20 minutes. Both tasks relate to the Westshire Centre case study. You are given a briefing and a proposal document template to write a response to the briefing. The first exercise is to write a proposal document about issues at the centre. The second exercise is to write a proposal document about an incident that happened at the centre. The recruiters are looking for specific responses in the written tests, so be careful to read the instructions carefully on the day. You can prepare your written exercise skills with JobTestPrep’s written exercises pages.

In Summary

The day 1 assessment centre will test you on a wide range of skills, from interview and role play interaction with others, to numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning tests. These tests in particular can be very difficult, and as you only have one chance as the assessment centre, preparation in advance is vital to ensuring you get through it. In this page we have given you information about the assessments and how to approach them. Good luck.

We hope you have found this page useful, and we are always looking for feedback from you. If you have any comments, please put them in the comment box below.

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