Siemens Assessment Test & Assessment Centre Practice (2024): Comprehensive Guidance

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About Siemens

Siemens AG is a leading German global technology conglomerate offering numerous attractive open roles for enthusiastic applicants. Launching your professional career at Siemens requires you to stand out in a competitive selection process. The recruitment process for all open positions is rigorous, as Siemens aims to hire only top-level candidates.

To achieve this, Siemens uses several different procedures for personnel selection. As part of their multi-stage application process, you can expect thorough aptitude tests, including the game-based assessment from Arctic Shores and tests from Aon's Assessment Solutions. You can learn more about why and how you should prepare for the Siemens online assessment with the resources outlined on this page.

Siemens Recruitment Process

The Siemens recruitment process typically involves several stages. For experienced hires, the process consists of interviews. However, the recruitment process for graduates, interns, and apprentices is a blend of tests, assessments, and interviews. Additionally, applicants for the Siemens apprenticeship will also participate in a site tour of the area they wish to be involved in.

Siemens Core Competencies

Every Siemens applicant must effectively showcase the competencies or skills sought after by the company. For Siemens graduates, the key competencies include:

Customer focus Analytical thinking Team working
Communication skills Initiative Commercial awareness
Drive and motivation

Siemens apprenticeship candidates have a more concise list of competencies:

  • Team working
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Initiative
  • Drive and motivation

Preparing for the Siemens Assessment Test: A Strategic Approach

Siemens Application Form: What to Expect

Understanding the Siemens application process is crucial, starting with the initial stage: the online application. The Siemens application form comes with unique aspects that demand meticulous organization right from the beginning.

Firstly, note that the application form has a 20-minute time limit. If you take longer, you'll need to restart from scratch. Following completion, you'll attach your CV and respond to a set of long-answer questions, making the 20-minute limit particularly challenging. Siemens recommends thorough offline planning of your responses before starting the application again, allowing you to cut and paste prepared answers efficiently.

The questions on the application form vary according to the role you are applying for since the recruitment team seeks answers closely related to the specific position. Utilize examples in each response to illustrate your experience effectively. With a strict limit of 250 words per answer, careful planning is essential to make every word count. Ensure you keep a copy of your answers: you'll need to review them before subsequent interviews.

Lastly, ensure your CV has been tailored to Siemens before attaching it to your application form. This attention to detail enhances your chances of success in the Siemens application process.

Siemens Interview Process 

Like many potential employers now, you should be prepared to responding common interview questions down the line, ensuring your answers are coherent, timely, and free of filler words. Your verbal communication should be persuasive and showcase your qualifications effectively according to the job description.

Recording your answers and reviewing them to refine your time management skills, tone, and language use is always recommended. You can employ the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) when crafting your responses when practicing each answer multiple times. Repetition will undoubtedly make you feel confident.

How to Best Prepare for the Siemens Online Test? 

Siemens's online tests require a strategic approach as the company employs varied procedures, numerical tests, and test providers based on position and division. Thus, identifying the assessment company conducting your test is a good first step for your tailored preparation.

For training positions or dual study programs, applicants typically undergo common psychometric tests from Aon's Assessment Solution. To determine your test provider and the required tests, consult the insightful information in your job invitation letter.

We are dedicated to helping you succeed. If you require assistance in evaluating whether our Siemens PrepPack™ aligns with your preparation needs, feel free to contact us via email.

How is the Aon assessment structured for Siemens?

Aon's Assessment Solution stands out as a globally renowned testing provider with a comprehensive range of tests. Typically, Siemens does not test all areas in one assessment. Depending on the position, applicants must have different skills and subject-specific knowledge. The tests cover three areas:

  • Logical Thinking:
    • Deductive-logical thinking
    • Inductive-logical thinking
    • Problem-solving
    • Verbal reasoning
  • Numerical Skills:
    • Applied Computational Skills
    • Numerical Reasoning
  • Special Cognitive Abilities:
    • Working memory
    • Ability to concentrate

For a more in-depth understanding of Aon's Assessment Solutions tests, you can access detailed information on our Aon assessment dedicated page. Note that some Siemens candidates may be requested to take the Pymetrics assessment - a series of 12 mini-games assessing your behavioral traits.

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Siemens Aptitude Tests

Anyone who wants to work at Siemens must prevail against the competition. As previously mentioned, an aptitude test is almost always part of the multi-stage application process.

Inductive Logical Thinking Sample Question:

The test is designed to assess candidates for roles that require the analysis of information and the utilization of inductive logical abilities. 

During this test, you and other candidates will encounter a series of nine objects within each task, with each object potentially containing multiple symbols. Your objective is to identify the rule adhered to by eight of the objects and subsequently discern the ninth object that deviates from this rule. 

You will encounter six grids with various symbols. Your initial task is to discern the rule adhered to by the two grids on the left, then select the two grids on the right that adhere to the same rule. Below is an illustration of these types of questions:

Choose the two grids that follow the rule.

A. 1,3

B. 2,3

C. 2,4

D. 3, 4

aon cut-e scales clx example
Show Solution

The rule is that each individual grid contains the same shape in the upper row as in the lower row (The upper grids have plus shapes, while the lower grids contain squares). In addition, the middle row is identical for both grids.

Grids 1 and 3 are the only grids that follow this rule. Therefore, The correct answer is 1,3.


Numerical Reasoning Sample Question:

Numerical reasoning tests assess how well you understand and use information provided in a numerical format such as a table or chart. You are asked a set of questions on numerical information items. In order to choose the correct answer from a set of multiple choice options, you must be able to make calculations such as percentages, ratios, or currency conversions. This test is timed, usually with about a minute allowed per question, so you are under pressure to work quickly and accurately. Effective practice is key to helping you improve your score.

For each task, you'll encounter a statement. Your task is to ascertain whether it's true, false, or cannot be determined based on the provided information. To respond, you'll need to conduct mathematical computations involving percentages, ratios, currency conversions, fractions, and trends.


cut-e numerical reasoning test sample question


At the upper part of your screen, you'll find various tabs, each featuring a chart, table, or diagram presenting data related to different facets of the task, like revenue, expenses, and stock.

Grid Challenge Sample Question:

Candidates applying to the Siemens management consulting positions in Munich face a different suit of tests provided by cut-e (Aon). The tests include numerical and verbal reasoning, discovering rules (scales ix) and inductive reasoning (scales cls). Our cut-e (Aon) practice bundle can help you prepare for all of these challenging assessments. This question assesses your working memory and attention focus. You are expected to complete nine tasks in nine minutes. Memorize dot sequences while addressing unrelated tasks. You can watch the video below for more details.




Play Video preview image
Video preview image

Verbal Reasoning Test

In a verbal reasoning test, you are given a paragraph of written information to read and understand. You have to analyse the text and answer several multiple-choice questions relating to what you have read. This test typically, but not always, follows a true, false, cannot say format. You will have about 2 minutes to read each text and answer four questions, so you have to be able to work quickly. Practice tests will help you devise a solving strategy and navigate your way through the actual test with confidence.

Prepare for the Siemens Application Process

Use the selected PrepPacks to excel in your recruitment process. The packs are designed to help you through Siemens' hiring process. Start practising today!

Siemens Assessment Centre

The Siemens assessment centre is usually the last stage of the graduate, intern and apprenticeship recruitment process. There are typically three exercises at the Siemens assessment day: group exercise, competency based interview, and technical presentation or video interview/interview.

Group exercise

In this exercise, you are split into a group and given a problem-solving task to carry out. Tasks in the past have involved building small structures out of spaghetti and marshmallows or paper and plastic cups. You are being assessed throughout on your teamwork ability, including listening to others and contributing effectively to the group effort. Gain some group exercise tips and plan your strategy in advance with our group exercise tips and pack.


Ahead of the assessment centre, you may be asked to prepare a presentation to deliver to a team of interviewers at the assessment centre. This presentation will be on a technical topic relevant to the role you are applying to. Be prepared to answer questions on what you have spoken about. As well as working on the content, don’t forget to think about your delivery. Gain tips to help soothe those presentation nerves with our assessment centre preparation.

Siemens Interview

Most of Siemens interviews are competency-based interviews, meaning that the interviewers are looking for examples from your past behaviours as an indicator of your future performance. For each question, you are asked to provide an example of where you have demonstrated a particular behaviour in the past. Organise the answers that you give according to the STAR method (situation, task, action, result) to ensure that you give the interviewers a full picture. Prepare more examples again for each of the competencies so that you sound confident and sure in your answers. There may also be a technical element to some interviews. If you are applying to the engineering scheme, review some of the main technical points from your degree. Don’t forget to do even more reading on the company as the interviewers will want to be sure that you want to work with them. 

Prepare for the Siemens Assesment Test

Competition is tough throughout the process, and if you want to be there at the end you have to ensure that you have prepared thoroughly at each point. JobTestPrep can help you prepare and outperform the competition with our online practice tests.

Get started today and apply with confidence.



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