The Companies Administering the Revelian Test as a Part of Their Pre-Hire Process

Do you worry that your poor scores on the Revelian Test may become the reason why you will not get employed for the applied position? JobTestPrep has designed comprehensive PrepPacks™ including the simulations of the Revelian Tests with whose help you can succeed on your pre-hire examination. If you are not sure whether your chosen company asks its job candidates to take the Revelian test, please read the information below. We have compiled a list of firms that require its prospective employees to pass this test. Check out if your company is on the list, purchase our practice materials, and, having exceled on your examination, land the job you have always wanted.

What Is the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test?

The Revelian Test is a Cognitive Ability Test that assesses job candidates’ general intelligence. Employers ask their applicants to take this test, because they believe that it will clearly reveal their personalities and will predict how well they will work in their new workplace. By ascertaining that their job candidates have a high level of cognitive ability, managers can also stay assured that they will perform tasks quicker and more accurately; There are chances also that they will solve problems effectively and will act intelligently in difficult or complex situations.

There are 51 questions on the Revelian Test unequally divided into three main categories: Verbal, Numerical, and Abstract. As candidates are progressing through the test, the difficulty of the posed questions gradually rises. With the difficulty of the questions so varied, the test creates a more comprehensive picture of applicants’ personalities and cognitive abilities. Scores on the Revelian Test are percentile. In other words, they are compared to the scores of a normative group, which allows employers to select the best job candidates from the applicant pool.

What Companies Administer the Revelian Tests?

With the growing popularity of the Revelian Tests, more and more companies start offering them to their job candidates as a part of their pre-employment assessment. Among these companies are the following:

Parsons Brinckerhoff

Founded in 1885, this is an engineering and design company, a wholly owned subsidiary of WSP global. It became famous at the beginning of the last century for designing and constructing the original IRT line of the New York City Subway and the Cape Cod Canal. The company also invented the third rail. Now Parsons Brinckerhoff is considered the tenth largest USA engineering and design firm. It offers such services as strategic consulting, planning, engineering, construction management, energy, infrastructure and community planning. It also has 500 offices located in 39 countries.


After purchasing Parsons Brinckerhoff engineering company, WSP became one of the largest professional companies in the world. Located in Canada, it provides services in management and consulting to the natural and created environment. These services are divided into several fields: Transportation and Infrastructure, Buildings, Power and Water, Environment and Sustainability, Energy and Advisory Services. Among WSP’s famous projects are One World Trade Center, 7 World Trade Center, 8 Spruce Street, and 60 Wall Street in New York and the Shard in London.


This is a privately held company that was established in 2001 in Sidney, NSW. Its field of specializations is wide, ranging from marketing transformation and capability development to growth strategies, change management, sales enablement, consulting, operating model, go-to-market strategy, sales processing, marketing, and performance management. BlackDot also delivers a mix of solutions in such industries as Health Science, Media, Communication, and Technology.   

The Bond University

Listed among 20 top small universities in the world, this is a private university located in gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Its campus located around the Lake Orr includes multiple facilities such as the Faculty of Law, the Balnaves Foundation Multimedia Learning Centre, the Bond Institute of Health and Sport, the Legal Skill Centre, the Sports Centre, Sustainable Development building, and the Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine Building, among others. Students can obtain both the Bachelor and Master’s degrees at the Bond University in such disciplines as Arts, Architectural Studies, Law, Biomedical Science, Business and Commerce, Film and Television, Health Science, Occupational Therapy, International Relations, Surgery, Medicine, Social Science, and Sport Management. Along with other tests, students may be asked to complete the Revelian Test before they are accepted for any of these programs.


Located in New Delhi, this company provides solutions for recruitment, customised onsite training programs, development, and performance management system for customers across India. In particular, Fineway offers human power support, organises power training workshops on the subjects of behaviour development and technical trainings, and fulfils contractual staffing. To ensure that its job applicants are intelligent enough to fulfil their tasks well, Fineway invites them to pass the Revelian Test as a part of their pre-employment assessment.

Ingenia Polymers

This company supplies products and services in the polymers industry. It is composed of two business units that complement each other. The company’s Primary Producer division provides thermoplastic custom compounding, size reduction, custom densified additive blend solutions and product development support for those companies that produce resin. Ingenia’s Proprietary Product division provides a full array of engineered products that include but not limited to additive and colour concentrates and products serving pipe and film making segments. The company also produces masterbatches for a wide range of markets, applications, and conversion processes.


Earlier known as Aussat Pty Limited, Optus is one of the largest telecommunication company in Australia that is wholly owned subsidiary of SingTel. It was named “Optus” (from the Latin verb “optare” to choose, wish) after the privatisation by SingTel to give customers the idea of a rich choice of options offered to them. In providing services to customers, Optus operates its own infrastructure or uses services of the National Broadband Network and Telstra. With the help of its “Yes” brand, the company provides broadband and wireless internet services.  Its other services and products include fixed and mobile telephony, internet access, leased lines, and cable television.

Virgin Australia

This is the Australian airline that uses Virgin brand. It became the second Australian airline after Ansett Australia collapsed in 2001. Using a narrow-body and widebody Boeing and Airbus, the Virgin Australia serves 29 cities in Australia. Headquartered in Virgin Village in Bowen Hills, Brisbane, the airline has several sister airlines. Among them are Pacific Blue, a low-cost competitor to Air New Zealand and Qantas, V Australia, Tiger Airways Australia, and Skywest airlines, now renamed as Virgin Australia Regional airlines. Together with the latter airlines, Virgin Australia operates around 18 new Virgin-branded turboprop aircraft. To work for Virgin Australia, you need to pass several exams. One of them may be the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test. Go through a few dry runs of JobTestPrep’s accurate simulations of the Revelian Test and come to your official test at Virgin Australia well prepared.

Toga Hospitality Group

Based in Ultimo, Australia and being a subsidiary of Toga Group of Companies, this firm operates hotels whose amenities include restaurants, swimming pools, saunas, spas, and gyms. Toga hotels are also located in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, and Darwin. In addition to hotels in Australia, it owns hotels in New Zealand, Hungary, Denmark, and Germany. If you want to work at Toga Hospitality group, you may be asked to complete the Revelian Test, though the company’s decision whether to administer you the test may depend on the position for which you applied.


This is an acronym for the Workers Compensation Independent Review Office. This statutory office was established in 2012 in the wake of the NSW government’s reforms of the state’s workers compensation system. WIRO performs numerous roles that include dealing with complaints about insurers and managing the provision of legal assistance for injured workers. WIRO has over 1000 approved legal services providers across NSW. Because working at WIRO requires quick thinking and decision-making, its prospective employees are required to pass the Revelian Cognitive Abilities Test. Practice with JobTestPrep’s comprehensive resources and sail through your pre-employment assessment at the company with confidence and success.


JobTestPrep’s mission is ensure that applicants become hired by the company of their choice. To accomplish this mission, we have modelled our tests on the Revelian tests and supplied them with answer keys and study guides. Purchase our useful materials, score high on your examination, and get an opportunity to show your professionalism in a face-to-face conversation with your company’s interviewers.

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