Revelian Emotify Test – The Complete Guide for 2024

The Emotify assessment is a series of game-based tests that evaluates your emotional intelligence (EI) – the ability to perceive, understand and manage emotions.

Emotify is often taken together with Cognify, a cognitive ability test. Both assessments were developed and administrated by Revelian, which has been acquired by Criteria in 2020.

Like other game-based assessments, like Pymetrics and Arctic Shores, the Revelian Emotify games are interactive and can be enjoyable to play. However, they are tools designed to measure your emotional abilities, which are a significant factor in many professional positions, especially leadership and management.

Therefore, it is essential to know the Emotify Test Games beforehand and familiarize yourself with every game and the aspects of emotional intelligence it measures. The following guide will give you everything you need to receive a high score in the Revelian Emotify assessment.

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What is Emotify?

Revelian Emotify is a gamified emotional intelligence assessment used as part of the hiring process for many jobs requiring working with people as a manager, teammate, or in customer service.

The test comprises three mini-games, each has a few minutes to complete, with an overall time of 20 minutes. Each game assesses different emotional abilities – Emotional Perception, Emotional Understanding, and Emotion Management.

The 3 Emotify Games

Matching Faces

In the Revelian Emotify Matching Faces Game, you will be presented with an image of a person displaying a facial expression and a word that may or may not describe it. You need to decide whether the face and the word match. As the game progresses, the facial expressions will become vaguer, and it will be more challenging to match them with words.

The game has 30 rounds, 3 seconds each.


Emotional Ties

In the Revelian Emotify Emotional Ties Game, you will be presented with short sentences that describe everyday scenarios involving one or more people. In the next screen, you will be presented with various facial expressions, and will need to choose the one that matches the emotion involved in each scenario.

The game has 20 rounds, 1 minute each.


Emotions in Action

In the Revelian Emotify Emotions in Action Game, you will be presented with sentences describing scenarios involving different emotions, followed by optional responses. You need to select the response that best manages the emotion involved.

The game has 14 rounds, 1 minute each.


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What Does the Emotify Test Measure?

The games measure three emotional abilities:

  • Emotional Perception – Measured by the Matching Faces game. The ability to perceive the emotion displayed by others and decipher emotional signals, including nonverbal information like body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice.
  • Emotional Understanding – Measured by the Emotional Ties game. The ability to comprehend emotional language, understand how emotions can change in different scenarios, and predict the emotional outcome.
  • Emotion Management – Measured by the Emotions in Action game. The ability to manage your emotions and others’ and channel them for relationship building, interpersonal interactions, teamwork, and performing within emotionally demanding situations.

Emotify Score Report

After completing the assessment, you will receive a score report that reflects your emotional intelligence abilities. The report is divided into two sections:

  • Overall Score – a percentage of your emotional intelligence compared to the general population. The scores are given in a rating of Below Average (0%-19%), Average (20%-79%), and Far Above Average (80%-100%).
  • Score Details – the percentage of Emotional Intelligence in each of the three emotional abilities: Emotional Perception, Emotional Understanding, and Emotion Management.

An additional section, available to the employer but not to you, is the Notes to Interviewer section, which will provide the interviewer with recommended questions to ask you based on your score report, in case you have passed.

Check out this official sample Emotify score report.

Tips for Acing the Emotify Assessment

  • It's all in the Face:
    Although game-based, Revelian Emotify is a test that assesses your emotional intelligence. To succeed in this game, you should pay attention to the fine details in every facial expression and every nuance in each scenario.
  • Feel it:
    When taking the test, try to put yourself as the main character of the scenario and make your choice of action as you want to be treated in each case.
  • Practice your emotions:
    You can and should sharpen your emotional abilities and prepare for the Revelian Emotify Assessment by taking as many practice tests as possible.

What is the Difference Between Cognify and Emotify Assessments?

Cognify and Emotify are game-based tests developed by Revelian, recently acquired by Criteria. Employers use both tests as part of the hiring process for various professional positions.

While Emotify measures your suitability for a role with an emotional intelligence test, Cognify measures your potential with a cognitive aptitude test.

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