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How Does Revelian Psychometric Testing Work?

Revelian’s gamified assessments are commonly used during the hiring process to determine which candidates are the best fit for the desired role.

These assessments consist of game elements, which provide test-takers with an engaging computer game experience. These gamified exams assess your emotional intelligence, decision-making skills and level of innovation.

There are 2 types of Revelian gamified tests:

⦿ The Revelian Cognify Test
⦿ The Revelian Emotify Test

1) The Revelian Cognify Test

Cognify is a game-based cognitive ability test. This exam includes up to six mini-games, of which three assess problem-solving skills, two measure numerical reasoning ability and one evaluates verbal knowledge. Within this test, you will be assessed on how well you can think quickly, be innovative, discern between different shapes, fit objects into compartments, and more.

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Problem Solving

This section includes games used to measure your fluid reasoning ability by asking you to solve complex problems without prior knowledge. Problem-solving skills are predictors of fast learning and success in the workplace.

note  Resemble
You will be shown an objective pattern on the left side of the screen, which you will need to replicate on the right side by placing and rotating patterned blocks to fit into the given grid.

note Gridlock
You will be asked to solve a sequence of puzzles at a fast pace by matching every piece into a grid.

note  Short cuts
You will need to navigate the blue marble presented at the starting point on the screen, moving it towards a starred area with the lowest distance possible.



Numerical reasoning

This section consists of games that assess how well you understand quantitative concepts, and whether you possess the numerical reasoning aptitude to perform daily math-based tasks.

note Numbubbles
You will receive a target number before having to locate and pop the bubbles which match that number. Tally Up: You will need to discover, in a speedy manner, which group of tokens shown on the screen has the highest overall value.

note Tally Up

You will need to discover, in a speedy manner, which group of tokens shown on the screen has the highest overall value.


Verbal knowledge

 This section includes games which evaluate your comprehension of written material and the English language, to determine how well you can identify errors intext.

note Proof It
You will be required to find as many grammatical errors and misspelt words as possible, within the short amount of allotted time.


Note: Candidates may not be required to perform every game since employers determine which games are most relevant to particular jobs.

2) The Revelian Emotify Test

Emotify is a unique, image-based gaming test, which assesses one’s level of emotional intelligence (EI). his assessment includes up to three separate tests: a matching faces test, emotional ties test, and choosing appropriate emotional responses in different situations. These tests are conducted to measure test-takers' ability to correctly perceive and regulate emotions. Possessing interpersonal skills and emotional awareness is a large factor for success in most job roles.

Someone with high emotional intelligence is described as being capable of monitoring their own and others’ emotions, while utilising this knowledge both in one’s actions and thoughts. There are four distinct branches of emotional intelligence; perceiving emotions, using emotions/facilitating thought, understanding emotions and managing emotions.

Although winning is the goal in many games, there is no winning or losing outcome on this test. Instead, your exam results will portray a report of how well you can communicate, resolve challenges, be productive, stay emotionally stable and understand others. When you practise for the Revelian Emotify exam, you will become more familiar with the specific interpersonal skills and traits that employers are looking for.

3) The Revelian Theme Park Hero Test

Theme Park Hero is the initial game-based assessment that opened the market in 2015. The Cognify test is based on this assessment and shares many of its characteristics.

The Cognify test is now used by Revelian in place of the Theme Park Hero test. The Theme Park Hero exam consists of several different tasks, which are each given a different amount of allotted time to complete.

In one of the Cognify games, candidates take on the role of a theme park manager, in order to perform various tasks required to handle in that job position.

Test-takers may be expected to fix, organize and deal with various park challenges. In another game, one will face a few other tasks, one of which involves recognising different colours.

Revelian gamifiled

Why Is Revelian Psychometric Testing Used?

Employers are beginning to put more emphasis on the importance of providing candidates with a positive assessment experience during their hiring process.

The reason for this is because candidates often feel that standard aptitude tests are nerve-wracking, whereas gamified tests may reduce anxiety by presenting ways to solve problems in an exciting and engaging manner.

revelian gamifiled scoring

How Are Revelian Gamified Tests Scored?

When your gamified tests are scored, the data retrieved from each game is analyzed using psychometric tools. Test-takers' various responses are measured on different levels, to discover how they apply tactics and solve problems in various contexts.

Revelian’s game-based assessment provides more authentic data about one's performance due to its unique format. It also matches test-takers' results with those of desirable employees, to assess their suitability for the role.

Revelian Cognify game-based tests provide a comprehensive report, showing how you react to work-related challenges and whether you possess the necessary cognitive abilities to succeed.

The Revelian Emotify assessment portrays your level of emotional intelligence, displaying your interpersonal skills. These assessments are not graded as pass or fail since they measure one’s emotional perception.

Revelian gamifiled tips

Top 3 Game-Based Revelian Test Tips

1. Work swiftly and smartly – Remember, the Revelian gamified assessment is a test! Even though it may feel like a game, your skills and speed are measured with every decision you make. To help familiarise you with the Cognify games, prepare with our Revelian Cognify practice test. 

2. Practise with test tutorials – Revelian games can be difficult, since they may involve passing several steps and using various techniques to success. To ensure that you get a grasp of the game you are about to perform, you will be able to take a brief tutorial of the Revelian game as many times as you need, before continuing to the actual test. Therefore, it is important to practise with tutorials until you feel confident and ready.

3. Use a proper computer, with an external keyboard and mouse - The agility needed in most of the Revelian gamified tests will be best accomplished by using a mouse and keyboard. You'll find it difficult to get the same results using a laptop with a smaller keyboard and a mousepad.



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