Prepare for Pearson's Numerical Assessments

Practice for the Pearson numerical reasoning test, also known as the Athena numerical reasoning assessment. Practice similar questions to the real thing.

Pearson-Style Numerical
  • 3 Pearson-style numerical reasoning tests
  • Explanations, solving tips and score reports
  • Study guides and video tutorials
  • Money back guarantee 

The Pearson Athena numerical reasoning assessment contains some unique features compared with other numerical reasoning tests.

As well as multiple choice questions, the test contains several free response questions. In these questions, you are asked to give the exact answer rather than choosing options from a list of choices. This requires you to work out the answer accurately.

Multiple choice questions contain an additional option, insufficient information, asking you to make a judgement about whether you can answer the question with the information given.

This test is complex, with several calculations needed per question. You have 30 minutes to answer 21 questions, making it longer than you are used to, but be warned you will need every minute available.

This pack is designed to give you all around preparation for the Pearson numerical test. The questions in this pack have been specially devised for the Pearson Athena numerical assessment, as well as tutorials, video guides and skill drills to ensure that you are fully prepared for your test.

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