Onetest is a popular Australian psychometric assessment company that provides services to both local and global enterprises. Therefore, thousands of candidates worldwide come across their ability tests during their job selection processes.

Cognitive Ability Test

Onetest's cognitive ability test is a very popular product. Candidates for a wide array of positions and job profiles will take this test as their first step on the way to an interview or assessment centre.

This psychometric test differs only slightly from the classic reasoning tests (numerical, verbal, non-verbal) seen on most selection processes. The difference is most noticeable in terms of format and length rather than in the logical challenges these tests present. For example, while reputable companies such as SHL, Saville, and Kenexa use multiple tests to distinguish between subjects—a candidate may thus sit a numerical reasoning test and then later sit an inductive reasoning test—Onetest has created a 50-question, 20-minute test that combines all the popular cognitive evaluation questions. You will face a wide array of logical problems, such as math word problems, verbal syllogisms, spatial reasoning questions, abstract reasoning questions, and more.

Which Companies Use Onetest Assessments?

The companies listed below use Onetest's services, but be aware that they may also utilize the services of other assessment companies. 

New South Wales Government, RSM Bird Cameron, Australian Government, APRA, Toga Hospitality, Medina Hotels, Thiess, ARUP, Energy Australia, Pegasus Employment, Equisuper, BDO, BT Financial Group, Deloitte, BMW, Peabody Energy and Pepsico.

Preparing with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep is the only website that offers tailored practice sessions for the concepts found on Onetest's cognitive ability test.

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What's Included

Take a full-length practice test that follows many of Revelian's (Onetest) question formats.