Cubiks Logiks Test Scoring ▷ Understanding Your Tests Results

Find out the Cubiks test pass score and how to recognise success or failure from your score report

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The scoring for Cubiks Logiks Tests is automatic and based on the number of correct answers.

The score report includes a total score, measurements of both your speed and accuracy, and sub scores for each of the three sections (Numerical, Verbal and Abstract).


Cubiks Logiks Advanced Level Scoring

In the Cubiks Logiks Advanced Level, an individual computer-generated report provides percentiles for the total score, speed and accuracy with an additional band-based interpretation.

In percentile scoring, your score is measured against the group of candidates who took the test at the same appointed time.

The score appears as a percentile that marks the percentage of examinees who scored lower than you on the test.

In more professional terms, your score represents your position on the normal distribution curve of all candidates who took that very same test.

For example, a percentile score of 80 indicates that your score is higher than those of 80% of the examinees who took the same test you did.


Cubiks Logiks Intermediate Level Scoring

In the Cubiks Logiks Intermediate Level, a Stanine (“standard nine”) score is provided instead of a percentile score.

A Stanine is a single-digit score on a 9-point scale, ranging from 1 to 9. 

Each Stanine score corresponds to a group of test-takers, ranked from lowest to highest scores.

Stanine score

Percentage of scores


Bottom 4%


Next bottom 7%


Next bottom 12%


Next Bottom 17%


Middle 20%


Next top 17%


Next top 12%


Next top 7%


Top 4%

For example, a person with a score of 9 is in the top 4% of the scorers, while a person with a score of 1 is in the bottom 4%.

This scoring system enables you to easily understand whether your score is below the mean (a score of 5) or above the mean.


Key Take-Away

In any case, no matter what test level you're facing, you should strive to secure your position in the top 20% performers on the test. 

This translates into a percentile score of 80 on the advanced Cubiks tests or a point score of 7 or even 8 on the Cubiks intermediate tests.