Prepare for the British Army Recruitment Process

Joining the British Army and need to prepare for your British Army recruitment tests? Scoring high on your recruitment tests enables you to choose from a number of military-based roles. Prepare with JobTestPrep to give yourself the best chance of success.


What Happens When I Apply?

Upon applying to the British Army, you will receive an online medical questionnaire. After filling it in, you will be invited to your first interview with a candidate support manager. There, you will be asked about your physical fitness, achievements, and interests. The candidate support manager will also supply answers to all your questions, along with explanations about the different army jobs available.

After the interview, you will also need to get your medical forms filled in at your GP.

Providing you have been found eligible, you will be invited to a two-day evaluation at the Army Development and Selection Centre (ADSC). There, you will undertake a number of recruitment tests, group activities, a medical examination, and an interview.

Army Development and Selection Centre

The assessment usually takes two days, including an overnight stay. Travel, accommodation, and meals are provided at no cost to you. Do not forget to bring all the documentation, clothing, and equipment as instructed in the invitation to the selection centre.


Succeed at the British Army Recruitment Process

The army selection process can be challenging if you do not know what to expect. Our PrepPacks are designed to familiarise you with the different types of exercises you may encounter as part of the process. Take advantage of our practice materials and ace your army assessments.

British Army Aptitude Tests

There are a number of different tests you are expected to pass for your application to proceed. They are detailed below:

British Army BARB Test

Your very first aptitude test at the selection centre is the British Army Recruit Battery (BARB). This test measures your mental ability to understand information and solve problems. You must answer the questions as quickly and accurately as possible. The computer will then automatically generate your General Trainability Index (GTI) score, based on the number of correct answers and time taken. The GTI score determines which army jobs are suitable for you. The higher you score, the more roles you are able to choose from. Prepare for the BARB Test with this PrepPack™.

Numeracy Test

In this test, you must solve mathematical problems presented in a variety of ways. The questions are simple word problems, requiring basic arithmetic and geometry knowledge. This test helps to determine which roles are suitable for you. 

Literacy Test

This test assesses your basic reading comprehension and writing skills. Learn more about the Literacy Test.

Please note that candidates with Maths and English GCSE certificates of A-C are not required to sit the Numeracy and Literacy tests.

Technical Selection Test

Applicants eligible for consideration for a technical role are also required to take the Technical Selection Test. In this test, you will encounter more mathematical questions, resembling GCSE level. Prepare for the Technical Selection Test with this PrepPack™.

Other Activities

In addition to the aforementioned British Army aptitude tests, there are a number of other activities you must pass through.


  • Medical Examination - You must complete a thorough medical examination confirming you are fit enough for the various physical tests.
  • Physical Test- The physical test consists of three parts:
  1. The power bag lift, in which you must lift a power bag from the ground to a 1.45m high platform. The weight increases from 15 kg to 40 kg by 5 kg each time.
  2. Jerry can carry, which requires you to lift two jerry cans, each weighing 20 kg, and carry them a set distance.
  3. 2.4 km (1.5 miles) run. This is usually done in the morning of day 2.

       *The results you need to achieve in these tests differ depending on the role you have applied for.

  • The Icebreaker - This is an opportunity to introduce yourself to the other candidates, as you must give a short presentation about yourself and on a topic chosen for you.
  • Memory Test - You are given a short lesson about an army topic on day 1, in which you are able to take notes. The following day you may take a test about the lesson, without using your notes.
  • Teamwork - You and the other recruits are given several team tasks that are both mentally and physically challenging. You must work together to succeed. You are assessed according to your involvement, team spirit, motivation, respect for others, and ability to perform under pressure.
  • Interview - At the end of day 2, an interviewer reviews your performance and results throughout your entire stay at the selection centre. The interviewer then informs you of the results and further assesses your suitability for employment in the army.

What Happens After the Assessment at the Army Development and Selection Centre?

Once you have finished all the assessments, you will be given a grade. This grade determines how long you must wait until initial training. Your candidate support manager will contact you within two working days to confirm the outcome of the assessment. The candidate support manager will also discuss the next stage of your application, which involves the final role offer. This offer depends on your performance throughout the entire assessment process as well as the available army positions.