Vodafone Graduate Preparation Pack

If you are pursuing a graduate position at Vodafone, JobTestPrep can help you prepare for the SHL psychometric tests and interviews involved in the application process. Practise with our comprehensive preparation packages to improve your chances of being selected for a graduate position.

Vodafone Graduate Practice
  • 17 inductive reasoning tests including;SHL-style next-in-series questions
  • 8 SHL-style numerical reasoning tests + 21 extra tests
  • 9 SHL-style verbal reasoning tests + 7 extra tests
  • 14 video tutorials + 6 study guides 
  • Case study: Two full exercises + a complete guide
  • Role-plays: An analysis of sample exercises + tips
  • Group exercises: Guides for common exercises
  • Immediate online access | 24/7 Practice
  • Exclusive to JobTestPrep 

JobTestPrep provides you with the resources you need to excel at Vodafone's competitive recruitment process. This preparation package is designed to prepare you for the numerical and verbal reasoning tests as well as the competency-based interview.

The Vodafone CEB SHL Numerical Reasoning Test

The CEB SHL numerical reasoning test contains 18 questions that need to be completed in 25 minutes. On this test, you are presented with numerical data in the form of a table or a graph, followed by multiple-choice questions relating to them. Answering the questions often requires performing calculations involving fractions, percentages, ratios, and conversions.

The Vodafone CEB SHL Verbal Reasoning Test

The CEB SHL verbal reasoning test contains 30 questions and is to be completed in 19 minutes. On this test, you are presented with a short text and several follow-up questions. Each question presents a statement that you need to quickly analyse and decide if it is true, false, or you cannot say based on the text.
Overall, both the numerical and verbal assessments take about 45 minutes to complete. Remember to leave time aside to read the instructions.

The Vodafone CEB SHL Inductive Reasoning Test

On The CEB SHL inductive reasoning test, you will be tested on your lateral thinking ability. You must show that you have the ability to see relationships between seemingly disjointed shapes. You are presented with a number of different shapes, and you must figure out the sequence and use this information to find the missing shape.


Tailored Tests for You

Our resources will familiarize you with the Vodafone's test format and will enhance your verbal and numerical skills as well as your decision-making skills. Start practising now with our preparation pack to increase your chances of success in the Vodafone recruitment process.

Vodafone Graduate Application Process

Vodafone's graduate recruitment process consists of three stages. After submitting your CV, you will be invited to complete an online numerical and verbal reasoning test. Upon successful completion, you will participate in a competency-based interview. The interview is on-site, but you can also be asked to complete a phone interview. 

Vodafone Graduate Interview Questions

The interview process at Vodaphone Graduate Program is multifold. After you submit your résumé and fill out an online application form, you will be invited to take several of Vodaphone’s pre-employment assessments that measure your reasoning abilities, numerical skills, and verbal proficiency. Provided you have succeeded in these tests, you will be invited for a pre-recorded video interview. There is no time limit to record your answers to questions asked in the video. You can also have two trials to record yourself answering these questions. Most of the questions posed in the video interview are competency-based.

If you create a positive impression in the video interview, you will be invited to the company’s assessment centre, where you will participate in a group assessment, make a short presentation about yourself and your career goals, and complete the day with a face-to-face interview with several Vodaphone’s representatives. The interview usually takes about 20 minutes. Your interviewers will inquire about your personality, educational background, and your motivation to work for the company. Some of the questions asked in the interviews at Vodaphone are listed below:

  • Tell us about yourself.
  • Tell us one thing that you have achieved and that other people would find difficult to do.
  • Tell us about one time when you had a bad experience with customer service. What do you think customer service’s representatives can improve?
  • How would you achieve a good customer experience?
  • What did you learn today about Vodafone that you had not known before coming here?
  • Why do you want to work at Vodafone?
  • Tell us about a time when you failed.
  • If you had x amount of dollars, what would you do with your money and why? Explain in detail.
  • If you were stuck in the lift with the Vodafone CEO, what would you say to him?

Think about these questions and formulate clear, smart answers to them. Arriving at Vodaphone’s assessment centre well prepared and equipped with winning answers will help you create a positive, lasting impression on Vodaphone’s recruiters. When you sound smart and confident, Vodaphone’s managers will want to put you on the top of the candidates list. Do not forget also to research the company, because interviewers will want to know why you find working at Vodaphone prestigious and desirable.


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