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10 Things to Know About the Vodafone Recruitment Process

Here are 10 insights about Vodafone recruitment process:

  • Vodafone recruits for the following positions and expects their employees to demonstrate the following competencies (write here about specific company competencies that you can find, such as leadership potential, specialist knowledge, etc.).
  • Discuss contents of the hiring process according to each position; what will you encounter at each step of the process?
  • Discuss the time frame in which you should expect to hear responses after submitting initial application.
  • Discuss online test provider information, and how important it is for you to prepare for the online tests.
  • Discuss which positions JTP provides packs for
  • Discuss which interviews you will face according to position, and who conducts each interview (boss, manager, HR team, panel of several people, etc).
  • Describe tips for succeeding in interviews.
  • Discuss which online tests you will face according to position, and whether JobTestPrep provides a pack for them.
  • Discuss tips for succeeding during testing stage.
  • Discuss the tailored level of our preparation pack and how JTP can help prepare you to succeed in the application process for various positions.

Vodafone Aptitude Tests

One of the most feared stages of the Vodafone application process is the aptitude tests. There are a number of different tests that you can face. We will go through each of them below and point out where you can prepare for each test, offering you the greatest practice possible. The Vodafone graduate scheme uses CEB's SHL tests, so that is where we will be focusing our attention. Bear in mind however, that for other positions outside the UK the tests may not be the same.

Vodafone Numerical Reasoning Test

On the Vodafone numerical test, you are presented with numerical information in the form of tables, charts, and other numerical data. You must use these to answer the questions on the test. Particularly relevant are percentages and ratios — you should have a clear understanding of how they work and the quickest way of calculating them. This is because this particular Vodafone psychometric test is not open-ended and must be completed in a short amount of time. Typically, there are 24 questions on the test, and you only have 24 minutes to complete them. This means that you must have a really good grasp of the skills needed to answer the questions. In fact, the time given to complete the test is often one of the hardest aspects of it.

Our practice tests can be taken in both a timed test environment as well as in practice mode. Moreover, you will receive detailed explanations and individual reports for each test. These allow you to understand your difficulties and improve your score the next time you come to take the test. This gives you confidence and skill so that when you actually take the Vodafone psychometric test for real you will perform at your best.

Vodafone Inductive Reasoning Test

On this Vodafone aptitude test, you will be tested on your lateral thinking ability. You must show that you have the ability to see relationships between seemingly disjointed shapes. You are presented with a number of different shapes, and you must figure out the sequence and use this information to find the missing shape.

Verbal Reasoning Test

On the Vodafone verbal reasoning test, you are presented with a paragraph of information, often dealing with economics, geography, or a subject specific to the role you have applied for. There are a number of questions about the paragraph, and you must extract the information needed in order to answer the questions. These questions are in the true/false/cannot say format. They can, however, sometimes be more textually focused: "Based on the information contained above, what do you think the writer will conclude?" Such a question will be followed by four different answer options.

Practising for these tests is essential, as you must come to grips with difficult and often terse language, comprehend it, and use it to answer the questions in a short amount of time. You must also do so while under intense pressure.

The Vodafone Application Form

There are two main levels of entry onto the Vodafone graduate scheme, the first stage is called the Discover program, and the second stage, the Columbus programme is started after completion of the two year Vodafone Discover programme. The other option is called the Vodafone Global Enterprise programme.

The Vodafone application form is your introduction to the recruitment team. You are given the opportunity to upload your CV but also a cover letter. There are a few very important points to bear in mind when filling in this application form. First of all it is important to tailor your answers and uploads to match the job specific criteria. As well as this, there are three main key competencies that Vodafone feel every member of staff must possess in order to fit into the company. They are:

      • Ideas: Vodafone are looking for people who can come up with new, refreshing ideas to enhance the growth of the company.
      • Energy: Vodafone are looking for people who will work with a high level of energy and can stay cool under pressure.
      • Enthusiasm: Vodafone want people who are passionate about the business and can inspire people to do the best job possible.

The more you can incorporate these ideas into your application and for the entire Vodafone recruitment process, the better. If your application is successful, you will be invited to take part in the Vodafone aptitude tests.

The Vodafone Telephone Interview

The aim of this Vodafone telephone interview is to find if you've got the passion and drive to succeed. To this end you will be asked some challenging questions in order to dig beneath the surface to see if you really are interested in the company. The key competencies will be examined here as well so make sure your prepared answers include them. This interview is competency based and you should prepare answers in the STAR method. Practising for this interview will not only give you confidence which you need to exude during the interview but also valuable practise which will come in useful later on in the process.

The Vodafone Assessment Center: Experience Day

Once you have come through the Vodafone phone interview successfully, you will be invited to attend the Vodafone assessment center, known as the Vodafone Experience day. There are a number of different activities that you can expect to go through during the day and we will list them below:

Two further interviews – There will be two more interviews to contend with, one will be a motivational and personality fit interview and the second will be a technical interview. Some popular Vodafone interview questions include:

  • Have you ever had to deal with a challenging situation? How did you deal with it?
  • What motivates you?
  • Tell me about the telecommunications industry and where Vodafone fit into the market?
  • How is a telephone signal received?

Make sure you are completely ready for any of these questions as the interview is often the make or break of any application.

Vodafone case study and presentation – Before the actual day you will be sent a brief on a specific subject that you have to prepare for a five minute presentation. This is subject specific and the topic varies depending on the scheme you have applied for. Learn how to make the most of your case study exercise with our preparation pack.

Role play – You will be taking the place of your manager who is away and leaves the project in your hands. The manager has presented a plan to the rest of the floor and wants you to defend it. You will have to argue your case to a member of the HR team. 

Group exercise – As a group, you are given four different options for a business plan. You have to come to a decision on which two of them are the best options. You have to show your analytical skills here by discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each plan. As well as this you must also show your ability to act within a group.

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