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What's Included

  • 3 Elements Logical practice tests + 1 additional drill
  • 3 Elements Numerical practice tests  
  • 3 Elements Verbal practice tests  
  • 1 additional Elements Logical Extra Practice drill
  • 7 Numerical Drills practice tests 
  • 13 Numerical Extra practice practice tests 
  • 2 Situational Judgement practice tests
  • 7 Verbal Analysis practice tests 
  • 2 Situational Judgement Video Tutorials 
  • 14 Video Tutorials 
  •  8 study guides
  • Money back guarantee – see terms and conditions




JobTestPrep has composed practice materials containing tests that you may face during your assessments for the corporate client solutions position at UBS. Our tests are carefully designed to hone those cognitive abilities and professional skills that are measured in job applicants for the position. We will also familiarize you with the expected test’s format and the types of questions it contains. If you practice with our carefully comprised preparation pack, you will achieve higher results on your assessment.

UBS Talent Q-Style Numerical Online Tests

The Talent Q numerical reasoning test, also known as the Elements numerical, is a graph and table interpretation test, examining the same skills as most other numerical reasoning tests you will come across. The content of the tests is similar to many other numerical reasoning tests found in the assessment market today, however, there are some differences. 

UBS Talent Q-Style Verbal Online Tests

The Talent Q's Elements Verbal test measures verbal abilitys, such as the ability to understand written information and to evaluate arguments about information. Candidates are assessed on their ability to understand, interpret and use information provided from a given text.

UBS Talent Q-Style Logical Online Tests

The Talent Q's Elements Logical test measures logical reasoning, specifically the ability to work flexibly with unfamiliar information and to find solutions. Candidates are given a series of shapes and symbols and are assessed on their ability to recognise the patterns and identify the correct next logical image.

UBS Situational Judgement Online Tests

The Situational Judgement Test depicts realistic situations and conflicts that are likely to arise in the workplace, and provides response options to these situations. Candidates are asked to choose the most and least effective responses, rate or rank-order them based on their effectiveness.


UBS's Corporate Client Solutions Talent-Q Assessment Tests

Get your tailored practice tests that follow the content on the UBS recruitment tests. Our practice pack provides explanations, score reports, and study guides. Start practicing today and increase your chances of landing the job you want.


UBS Corporate Client Solutions Hiring Process

When applying to the UBS trader position, you can expect to face several stages during the hiring process. First, you will fill out an application and answer questions in 5 different areas, including personal details, education, work experience, languages and skills, and additional information. If you are successful, you will then progress to the online assessment tests, which may include numerical and logical reasoning tests. The next step is the telephone interview where you will talk to a recruiter and answer various behavioral questions.  The last stage is the assessment centre, where you may face further testing, in-person interviews, and role-plays and a group exercise. If you successfully succeed at all the stages, you are likely to get a job offer.

UBS Online Assessment Tests

The most common types of online tests you will encounter in the UBS hiring process are numerical and logical reasoning tests as well as a situational judgement test. This is a free Numerical Reasoning Test Sample Question from our pack.




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