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Talent Q’s Elements logical test is a unique test, presenting a challenge to every candidate. Learn more about this test and how to prepare with our tailored practice pack.
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Similar question types and time frames as seen on Talent Q Elements.

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The Elements logical test is designed to measure how well you can find solutions and solve problems based on unfamiliar information. Learn more about what this test entails and how you can prepare to do well in it with our tailored practice pack.

Talent Q Elements Logical Test

Target audience: Graduates, professionals and managers
Number of questions: 12
Time allocated: 75 seconds per question
Question types: Matrices filled with symbols

This test is a non-verbal test, meaning that it assesses your analytical and logical skills using symbols rather than words or numbers. In this test you are given an incomplete matrix filled with shapes and asked to identify the pattern linking them together in order to choose the missing shape. The shapes are held together by a logic from both left to right and top to bottom.

Unlike in most other tests, you are assigned a time limit for each question rather than a time limit for the test as a whole. This means that when your 75 seconds are up, the system will move you on to the next question whether you have answered or not.

The questions in this test are adaptive, meaning that the system will allocate the next question based on whether you answered the previous question correctly or incorrectly. Questions will get harder the more questions you answer correctly, and your final score report will reflect how many questions you got right at each difficulty level.

The skills measured in this test are important for a variety of roles requiring complex problem solving. Amongst the employers who use this test are: RBS, Royal Mail Group, QBE, Citi Group, BBC, and the NHS Scientist Training Programme (STP).

Talent Q Elements Logical Test Practice

Although this test, the logical test, has a familiar sounding name, it is a very different test to many other non-verbal tests you may have taken in the past. It is a difficult test so solve and do well in, so it is important that you practice in order to learn solving strategies and sharpen your problem solving skills. Our Elements style logical reasoning test practice pack is designed using the same principles as the Talent Q test to give you a thorough preparation and support to help you improve your score on the day.

Prepare for your Talent Q logical test today.

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