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Beginner's Guide to Psychometric Tests

psychometric test preparation

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Law Firm Training Contract Application Form Guide

law firm application preparation
  • Pulls together advice from law firms about how to approach their application forms.
  • Covers vacation scheme or training contract application forms.
  • Looks at the different challenges you may face on an application form.
  • Provides tips and guidance on how to answer each section of the assessment.

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Interview Preparation Guide

Interview Preparation Guide
  • Explains key areas of preparation ahead of an interview.
  • Introduction to the interviewer and how to approach him.
  • Advice on how to face the interview as a candidate.
  • Tips for the interview itself.
  • Common questions and some ways to answer them.

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Numerical Reasoning Formulas

Numerical Reasoning Formulas
  • All the formulas you need in order to succeed on your numerical test.
  • Definitions of confusing maths terms.
  • Featuring a number of examples.

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SHL Test Results Complete Guide

SHL test results

Learn more about test results and score interpretation from CEB's SHL.

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Free Aptitude Test PDFs

These PDFs include the practice questions that appear on our free online aptitude tests across the website.

Psychometric Tests (Questions & Answers) Mechanical Aptitude Tests PDF (Questions & Answers)
Numerical Reasoning PDF (Questions & Answers) Verbal Reasoning PDF (Questions & Answers)
Situational Judgment Test (Questions & Answers) Free UKCAT Practice (Questions & Answers)
Logical/Inductive Reasoning (Questions & Answers) Spatial Reasoning (Questions & Answers)

Answers for Assessment Companies' Free Tests

Below you will find detailed answer explanations for the questions seen on the websites of three leading assessment companies: Kenexa, Saville, and Talent Q.

Kenexa Numerical Kenexa Logical
Kenexa Verbal Saville Analysis
Saville Comprehension Saville Technical
Talent Q Example Test Answers

JobTestPrep provides tailored practice tests for many leading test providers, including CEB-SHL, Revelian, and Cubiks online test, which are designed to reflect the specific format and content of the tests in order to give you the best practice experience possible. Start practicing today and improve your chances for success. 

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