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What Does Ringway Jacobs Do?

Founded in 2005 and based in Chelmsford with an additional office in London, Ringway Jacobs Limited focuses on highways in the United Kingdom, providing their construction, management, maintenance, and operations. Among the activities the company engages itself in are construction and maintenance, network management, improvement schemes, and routine and cyclic maintenance. In addition, Ringway Jacobs provides the following services:

  • archaeological,
  • architectural advisory,
  • building services engineering,
  • CDM coordination,
  • congestion scheme management,
  • parking advisory,
  • data collection and analysis,
  • development consultancy,
  • electrical engineering,
  • highway engineering,
  • highway inspections, and
  • hydraulic engineering services.

Recently, Ringway Jacobs has expanded its interest and widened the range of its services even more. It has started working on road safety, sign manufacture, streetscape design, structure inspections, topographical surveys, traffic engineering, transport modelling, transport planning and policy, transport strategy, travel planning, urban traffic management and control, and waste management advisory services.

What Stages Does the Recruitment Process Have at Ringway Jacobs?

If you apply for a job position at Ringway Jacobs, you may go through several stages of its recruitment process.

The Phone Interview – After your documents have been screened, you will be contacted by the company’s Human Resources representative on the phone. In your conversation with the recruiter, you will talk about your education and your work experience. Prepare also to answer questions about important moments in your career highlighted on your résumé. In turn, the Human Resources representative may tell you about the salary and benefits that you will receive, if you become hired.

The Tests – If your phone conversation with Ringway Jacob’s recruiter has gone well, you will be invited to take one or several tests, depending on the position for which you are applying. What Ringway Jacobs’ managers want to ascertain is that you have the needed numerical, verbal, and logical skills to perform the duties involved in your future role. They also aim to ensure that you have those personality traits that will help you integrate successfully into the company. JobTestPrep can assist you with practising for the tests you are likely to meet during your pre-employment assessment at Ringway Jacobs. Our high-quality PrepPack™ contains the Numerical, the Verbal, and the Logical Tests along with the Personality Test.

The Numerical Reasoning Test

This test is designed to measure how well you operate with numbers. On the test, you will be presented with statistical tables, graphs, and charts containing figures and facts that you will need to analyze. Accompanying these tables, graphs, and charts are multiple-choice questions about them. You will need to scrutinize the given information and choose one right answer among incorrect alternatives. Note that questions are not easy, and the time allotted for each of them is usually short. You will have around thirty seconds to answer each question. Also note that, in most of the cases, you will not be allowed to use calculators on the exam. You will need to make calculations on a scrap of paper with a pencil or pen. JobTestPrep’s simulations of the official Numerical Test is highly precise. If you go through a few dry runs of our simulations, you will increase the accuracy and speed of your calculations. Do not jeopardize your chances of doing well on your test by coming to it unprepared. Practise with our tests and move to the next stage in Ringway Jacobs’ recruitment process.

The In-Person Interview – High scores on the tests will bring you to the next stage of your pre-employment assessment and will allow you to demonstrate your professional qualities in a face-to-face conversation with your potential managers. As a rule, during your in-person interview, you will speak with several representatives of Ringway Jacobs simultaneously. Expect to answer questions about your working experience and career ambitions. You may also be asked competency-based and situational questions. To answer situational questions well, you are advised to use the STAR method. In other words, think first of the challenging Situation that you successfully solved in your previous workplace. Then talk about the Task that you had to fulfill to find a solution to the problem. After this, elaborate on the Actions that you performed and what were the alternatives that you discarded. Finally, tell your recruiters what Results you received and what you learned from your experience. If you follow the STAR method in answering situational questions, you will show your professionalism and personality more fully and will impress your recruiters more strongly. There will also be technical questions. If your interview is successful, managers at Ringway Jacobs will favor your over other candidates for the position for which you have applied.

What Questions Are Asked on the Interview at Ringway Jacobs?

To facilitate your preparation for your upcoming interview and increase your chances of passing it well, we are supplying some interview questions that were posed to job applicants at Ringway Jacobs in the past. Below are some of them:

  • Why did you choose to become a civil engineer?
  • Why do you want to work at Ringway Jacobs?
  • What would you change in highways in the United Kingdom?
  • What personality traits do you have to succeed as an engineer?
  • What were the biggest challenges that you faced in your previous workplaces?
  • What was your professional development plan for the last two years?
  • Describe any project or coursework which equip you to work on design for highways?
  • What software have you mastered to help you to work in your last workplace?

To pass your interviews at Ringway Jacobs with confidence and success, go over our interview materials included in our PrepPack™. They will help you formulate winning answers to possible interview questions. You are also advised to brush up on your technical knowledge, because you will receive technical questions during your interview. It will also help if you read about the company’s structure, services, and business goals before you enter an interview room. 

JobTestPrep works hard to design the closest simulations of the tests applicants meet during their pre-employment assessment. Our ambition is to lead every job candidate to a successful culmination of their pre-hire assessment. Do not miss your chances of being hired for your desired role. Purchase our materials and join the professional team of Ringway Jacobs, thus making a valuable contribution to the Construction and Engineering Industries in the United Kingdom.


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