Prepare and success on the BAE Systems Aptitude Tests and Assessment Centre

If you are applying to BAE Systems,you will be required to complete one or more assessments. The tests are typically provided by SHL and cut-e, therefore we also offer SHL and cut-e style practice tests. Gear up for your BAE Systems recruitment process.

BAE Systems Aptitude Tests
  • 1 full-length SHL-style Verify calculation test
  • 6 full-length SHL-style numerical reasoning tests
  • 2 full-length cut-e numerical ability tests
  • 2 full-length cut-e verbal ability tests
  • 4 full-length deductive-logical thinking (scales lst) tests
  • 6 situational judgement tests
  • 5 study guides
  • 12 video tutorials



What are JobTestPrep’s BAE Systems Packs?

The BAE Systems aptitude tests offer a comprehensive measurement of your abilities across key skills and academic areas. Depending on the BAE Systems job position you are applying for, you will be required to sit different types of tests. For this reason, we at JobTestPrep customised both cut-e and SHL-style practice tests and other BAE Systems preparation resources, to help you practise for your upcoming hiring process.
The BAE Systems PrepPack includes practice SHL and cut-e style tests to help you excel in the application process.

About BEA Careers

BAE Systems offers a range of opportunities for graduates wishing to work in global defence, security, aerospace, engineering and technology. BAE graduate and engineer roles are varied and offer a solid career path to those who are successful in applying. Though the recruitment process can be difficult, with the right practice and preparation you can feel confident and ensure success.

About the BAE Systems Tests

The BAE Systems assessments that you will be required to take may differ based on the role being applied for. These assessments include:

SHL tests: These tests evaluate candidates interested in graduate roles and include the graduate numerical reasoning and verify calculation tests.

cut-e tests: These exams assess applicants hoping to acquire a job in engineering, and consist of the numerical, verbal and deductive-thinking ability exams.
The Situational Judgment Test (SJT): Measures one’s personality traits and behavioural patterns.
Find out more about each of these BAE System assessments below.


BAE Systems SHL Graduate Tests

The SHL exams are conducted online and include the numerical reasoning and verify calculation tests.

SHL Graduate Numerical Test

This test is conducted to measure how well test-takers make accurate numerical calculations, decisions and ability to come to correct conclusions when using the numerical information provided.

The SHL numerical reasoning test is made up of 12 questions, which are split up into 6 sets. Each set includes 2 test questions which pertain to a given chart or table. Test-takers' will be presented with numerical equations, which they will need to perform and choose the correct answer option.

This exam is adaptive, meaning that the questions become more difficult or easier depending on the way one answers them. This test has a 17-minute time limit and allows the use of a calculator, pen and paper.


SHL Graduate Calculation Test

This test is given to assess one’s ability to solve mathematical problems in an efficient and quick manner.

This SHL calculation test consists of 20 questions and presents numerical equations with a missing variable, which candidates must find in the five potential answer options provided. This exam has a 10-minute time limit and permits the use of a calculator, pen and paper.

BAE Systems cut-e Engineer Tests

The cut-e assessments are performed online and include the numerical, verbal reasoning and logical-deductive reasoning tests.


Cut-e Engineer Numerical Test

This test simulates the cut-e Numerical Ability Test and is given to assess one’s skills in processing data and making effective conclusions based on the tables and charts consisting of numerical information.
The Engineer numerical exam consists of 37 questions and has a time limit of 12-minutes to complete. The numerical data is split into six tabs, each of which consist of a table or chart describing a company. Test-takers will need to decide which tab relates to the statements made in each test questions, and determine whether the statement is true, false, or if there is not enough information to decide.


Cut-e Engineer Verbal Reasoning Test

This test simulates the cut-e Verbal Ability Test and is used to measure candidates’ ability to analyse and make accurate decisions based on the given verbal information.

The Engineer verbal assessment includes 49 questions and has a time limit of 12-minutes. The verbal information is presented in a total of six tabs, which each include a table or chart with a short text describing a company. Applicants will be asked to determine which tab relates to the statement made in a test question. After, test-takers’ must determine whether the statement is true, false, or if there is insufficient data to decide.


Cut-e Logical-Deductive Reasoning Test (scales lst)

This test is given to assess one’s deductive reasoning skills.

The Logical-Deductive reasoning test has a time limit of just 6 minutes. Candidates are shown a grid, which contains a variety of different objects, each of which appear once per row and column. One of the cells within the grid contains a question mark, and test-takers must determine which object belongs in its place.


When answering the cut-e test questions, remember:

  • A TRUE statement must be verified in its entirety by the relevant tab.
  • A FALSE statement must at least have a chance of being disproved by the relevant tab.
  • A CANNOT SAY statement is one you can neither verify nor disprove by the relevant tab.

Check your performance in our free Cut-e Test!

BAE Systems Situational Strength Test

The situational strength test, also known as the situational judgement test (SJT). This psychological assessment evaluates one’s behavioural skills and traits that influence the decisions they make when faced with day-to-day work-related scenarios.

The SJT does not consist of one format and may vary depending on the job position and sector candidates are applying for. Therefore, the BAE Systems situational strength test will be adapted to relate to the specific Bae Systems job you are applying for.

BAE Graduate Recruitment Process

The BAE application process includes several steps, which are described below:

BAE application form: When aiming to become a BAE graduate employee, you will need to first fill out an online application form. Your application will only be considered if you are one of the first capable candidates to apply.

BAE online psychometric tests: to determine whether you possess the necessary qualities to land your desired position, you will need to receive a high score on the BAE graduate entrance exams.

BAE graduate assessment centre: For graduate applicants, this assessment centre takes up to one-day, in which you will listen to presentations and partake in group and in-tray exercises, as well as an interview.


The BAE Systems Group Exercise

Working within BAE will involve working in a team setting with other colleagues. For this reason, you may need to partake in a group exercise during the assessment centre, which often includes problem-solving tasks, discussions and games. You will be evaluated based on what you can contribute to a group and how well you work with others.


The BAE Systems Interview

For most candidates, the interview is the last stop of the hiring process and it is also the only chance you get to come face-to-face with a BAE recruiter. Use this opportunity to your advantage.

The range of questions asked at this stage revolve around your competencies and past experiences. Think of some good examples of when you have shown yourself to be an exemplary employee and/or leader. Explore the position you are applying to and make sure to highlight skills that make you a great match for the job. If you're still feeling nervous, our interview preparation will help prepare you for various questions, in addition, to provide you with a chance to assess your interview skills.

Passing BAE Systems Aptitude Tests Is Just One Step Away!

Tests administered to candidates during their pre-employment assessment are never easy, and demand quick thinking skills and great attention to details. Considering how stressful pre-employment tests usually are, taking them unprepared will only lower your chances of employment. Practising beforehand is crucial. Prepare for your test with our high-quality PrepPack™, to boost your confidence, improve your test scores and excel at your interview.