BAE Systems offers a range of opportunities for graduates wishing to work in the fields of global defence, security or aerospace engineering and technology. Working to provide services and products to the three Armed Forces, and in advanced electronics, IT, security and support services, BAE graduate roles are varied and interesting and offer a solid career path to those who are successful in applying.

Please note that applicants to the Sigma Leadership Programme have a slightly different recruitment process which also includes a telephone interview and a two day assessment centre.

BAE Application Form

The first step towards becoming a BAE graduate employee is to complete an online BAE application form, which will be looked at on a first-come, first-served basis. This means that once enough successful applications have been received and processed, the positions will have been filled even if this is before the application deadline. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you apply as soon as possible for a position once it has been advertised.

Your BAE application form should contain enough details about your degree (including the modules you have studied), work experience, and personal achievements (with examples and details) to show the application assessors that you have the necessary and appropriate background for the role that you have applied for. Keep the word limit in mind and be sure to incorporate the two key aspects – continuously improving and working together. 

If you are successfully shortlisted, you will then need to complete an online psychometric test to ensure you have the qualities you will need within your ultimate role in the company.

BAE Aptitude Test

The BAE aptitude test is a comprehensive measurement of your abilities across key skill and academic areas. The tests are split into two sections: verbal and numerical reasoning.

Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning tests examine your proficiency in working with verbal information, usually presented to you in the form of a short text. To test your analytical skills, you are given an assessment consisting of 40 questions to answer within 20 minutes. The questions are based on paragraphs of text that you need to read and digest in order to successfully answer. This is a 'tick-box' test, with each answer being either 'True', 'False', or 'Cannot Tell'.

Numerical Reasoning Test

Numerical reasoning tests are all about how well you can understand and manipulate verbal information to get the answers you need. This is a multiple-choice test, in which you will have 20 minutes to answer 20 questions, each of which contains either a graph or table for you to analyse. This assesses your ability to analyse data swiftly and accurately.

BAE Telephone Interview

If you are applying to BAE System' Sigma Leadership Programme, you can expect to face a telephone interview following a successful performance on the aptitude tests.

BAE Assessment Centre

The final aspect of the BAE Systems recruitment process is the assessment centre. For Sigma Leadership Programme applicants, this is a two day event while for applicants for all other programmes this is a one day event which will consist of listening to a presentation and then interacting in in-tray exercise, group exercises, and an interview.

E-tray Exercise

This part of the BAE aptitude test is a simulation exercise to test how well you would manage and prioritise information and tasks given to you in a typical working day. You are sent a series of emails that you must read, process and prioritise so that you can complete several real-life tasks simultaneously. Get a feel for the real assessment with our practice e-tray exercises.

Group Exercise

Working within BAE will inevitably involve working in collaboration with others. It is therefore an important part of the BAE aptitude test that you pass the group exercise, which usually involves problem-solving, discussions and games. The object of the exercise is not necessarily to achieve a particular outcome - rather, it is to test how well you work within a group and what you contribute. You need to be able to listen to others but also hold your own view and give that opinion in an effective and persuasive manner. Try our group exercise practise pack to sharpen your skills for this challenge.

BAE Systems Interview

For most candidates, the interview is the last stop of the hiring process and it is also the only chance you get to come face-to-face with a BAE recruiter. Use this opportunity to your advantage.

The range of questions asked at this stage revolve around your competencies and past experiences. Think of some good examples of when you have shown yourself to be an exemplary employee and/or leader. Explore the position you are applying to and make sure to highlight your skills that make you a great match for the job. If you're still feeling nervous, our interview preparation will help prepare you for various questions, in addition to provide you with a chance to assess your interview skills. 

Prepare for BAE

With many career paths to choose from, BAE Systems is an excellent place to work as a graduate. Though the recruitment process can be difficult, with the right practice and preparation you can feel confident throughout, start preparing today and apply with confidence and ensure success.