Mercedes Application Form

The first step of the Mercedes recruitment process requires you to complete the Mercedes application form. This is a fairly basic application form requiring you to upload your most current CV, qualifications, contact details and previous work experience. If you are applying to either a Mercedes graduate scheme or internship you have to complete some competency questions as well. Mercedes notes that it is particularly important to include relevant work experience and skills relating to the position you are applying for. Mercedes really wants to know about every skill that you possess that relates to cars and engines. Therefore, it is really important that you demonstrate this with a well ordered and well written CV.

Mercedes Online Tests

There are three possible tests that you can take if you are applying to a Mercedes graduate scheme or internship. These tests are provided by SHL and will be explained in more detail below. However there are some general points to bear in mind. Often the actual content of the tests is not that difficult to comprehend, for example the numerical reasoning test equates to a basic GCSE level. However, tackling these tests without prior revision and taking them under severe time constraints makes them very hard. Hence preparation for these tests is very important.

The tests are as follows:

Numerical Reasoning Test

In this Mercedes online test you are presented with numerical data in the form of statistical tables and charts. After a careful analysis of the data, you have to answer a number of questions relating to the figures. In order to answer the questions, you will need to use the four basic functions, ratios, percentages among other basic numerical actions. As well as this, knowing how to use your calculator utilising its functionally to speed up your answer process really helps you improve your skill levels. With practice, you can improve your scores to the level where you are fully confident when you actually come to take the test for real.

Mercedes Mechanical Reasoning Test

Most applications require you to take a mechanical reasoning test as well as the numerical reasoning one. The questions in this test are based on Newtonian mechanics and electricity, the same concepts that are covered in a GCSE level curriculum. Here however, fewer calculations are required and as long as you understand the basic concepts you should be able to answer the questions. Find out more about these tests with our mechanical reasoning explanation pages.

Verbal Reasoning Test

If you are applying to a customer facing position such as one in sales you are required to take a verbal reasoning test. In this SHL provided test you will be presented with a passage of information, often not remotely related to the automotive industry. You have to analyse the text and answer questions relating to it. The questions are normally in a true/ false/ cannot say style which means that you have to decide whether the statement given relating to the text is 100% true or false. If not, then the answer is cannot say. Learning to recognise this is a skill that needs to be mastered in order to do well in this test.

Mercedes Telephone Interview

This is the first Mercedes interview that you can face and can actually be a complete surprise phone call. It is a pretty short telephone interview, often only 20 minutes long and you are asked three or four different competency questions. You will be asked questions on leadership, communication and customer focus. When answering these questions, Mercedes themselves advise answering them in the STAR method as this provides the most thorough answer. As Mercedes is interested specifically in your extra-curricular activities, your answers should not include examples from your university experiences.

In the leadership question, for instance, if you were the captain of a sports team, use this experience as an example of leadership rather than when you were the leader of a study team in university. Answering competency questions is difficult, particularly if you are unprepared and not expecting the phone call. Moreover, the best way to prepare for the Mercedes telephone interview is to actually have one. You can do this with a good friend or family member but this is not the best way to prepare as they do not know how to conduct an interview in the best possible way. This is why we have an interview preparation package that gives you not only real interview preparation but also a thorough review of your answers helping you improve them for when the time comes.

Some Mercedes telephone interview questions are:

  • Tell me about a time you have led a team in the past.
  • Describe how you have used good communication skills in the past.
  • What does customer focus mean to you?

Mercedes Assessment Centre

For the Mercedes graduate scheme and internships you will be invited to attend a Mercedes assessment day held at Mercedes Benz world in Milton Keynes. There are a number of different activities that you will face at this assessment day and it is crucial that you are fully prepared for it.

You will receive an email before the assessment centre naming the key values you need to express during the assessment centre. These are variable depending on the Mercedes graduate scheme you are applying for, but they will include the following:

  • Being a good team player.
  • Having a passion for the brand.
  • Being a good decision maker.
  • Showing leadership qualities.

You will face the following activities:

Case Study and Group Exercise

In this part of the Mercedes assessment day you will be with another three to eight candidates. You are given a short Mercedes case study, normally four pages long detailing an aspect of the company. As a group you need to discuss the various aspects of the case study and come up with conclusions whilst showcasing your managerial and other skills mentioned above. You are given half an hour to read through the documentation and another 30 minutes to discuss your findings and recommendations. Learn how to fully prepare yourself for this group activity with JobTestPrep’s group activity pages.

Role Play Exercise

In this exercise you will be given approximately 15 minutes to read a five page document, following which is the main exercise. This contains numerous charts and graphics relating to the position you are applying for. This role play actually lasts for 15 minutes, but you are put under immense time pressure as the assessor sitting opposite you keeps on saying that they have to leave very soon.

There are questions relating to the Mercedes case study you were given, as well as some other inquiries that could come from items only loosely based on the case study. When answering these questions it is important that you demonstrate your leadership qualities. This means that you have to answer the questions with confidence and back your decisions up with fact if possible. Try not to be put off by the pressure you are put under even if it is difficult. Learn more about how to deal with this exercise of the Mercedes assessment centre with our role playing exercise page.

Mercedes Interview

If you are applying to a graduate or internship position, the Mercedes interview takes place at the assessment centre. For Mercedes apprenticeships and other positions, your interview will take place at a separate time and place. This interview does include competency questions as well as technical questions about the position you are applying for.

For example, if you are applying to a technical position you will be asked numerous questions on the makeup of engines and other important areas of work. In order to fully prepare for this interview, ensure that you know your CV inside out as the areas of interest and job experience will be explored during the interview. You also need to show that you are motivated and enthusiastic about the company, so peruse the Mercedes website and know what is happening in the F1 world as this is a great area of interest for them.

Prepare for Mercedes

There are close to 2,000 applications per year for just a few positions, so you need to show why you should be hired rather than someone else. You do this by being fully prepared for every step of the way. Prepare with JobTesPrep and ensure your success.