Prepare for Your Recruitment Process at Dassault Systèmes

If you fear that assessments at Dassault Systèmes will be difficult, JobTestPrep can offer you a valuable help and lead you to a successful completion of your recruitment process. We have designed an all-inclusive PrepPack™ where you can find accurate test simulations and interview materials accompanied by detailed study guides and answer keys.

Dassault Systèmes Preparation
  • 4 full-length Wonderlic-style quick tests
  • 5 full-length Wonderlic-style practice tests
  • 2 diagnostic & personality tests
  • 15 basic maths & word problems drills
  • 23 vocabulary & number series drills
  • 2 logical & graph reasoning drills
  • 30 single-trait drills
  • 10 various study guides
  • 1 diagnostic guide

JobTestPrep's PrepPack™ includes useful practice tests, drills and study guides that can increase your confidence.

What Does the Recruitment Process at Dassault Systèmes Involve?

There are several stages of the recruitment process at Dassault Systèmes:

After you have applied online and your résumé along with other submitted document have been screened, you will receive an email from a Human Resources manager confirming your application and scheduling a phone interview with you.

The Phone Interview

You may have several phone interviews at Dassault Systèmes. The first is with the Human Resources representative who will ask you about your interests and OOPS concept.

The interviewer will also discuss your work requirements. This conversation may take up to half an hour.

The second phone or Skype interview will be with several managers and team leaders. Expect to talk about your education and coding skills, which you will need to rank on the scale from 1 to 10.  

You may be asked also situational question during the second round of the phone interview.   

The Test

After the round of phone interviews, provided you have managed to make a favourable impression on the recruiters, you may be invited to take tests.

What test you will be administered will depend on your applied position. Most probably, you will need to sit the Wonderlic cognitive test.

Because employers at Dassault Systèmes want to hire only those people whose personalities, and not only professionalism, are admirable, they often invite prospective candidates to pass the Personality Test. This test will highlight your main character traits and will show to your recruiters whether you will be the right fit for the company.

Our PrepPack™ contains close simulations of the Personality Assessment, the Numerical Reasoning Test, and the Abstract Reasoning Test, with which you can practise for your upcoming assessment at Dassault Systèmes and, in so doing, increase your chances of being employed there.

To extend our help also to other stages of the company’s recruitment process, we have added to our materials interview questions and answers and interview tips on how to feel confident during a conversation with recruiters. Avail yourself of the opportunity to study with our high-quality resources and turn your plans to work at Dassault Systèmes into reality.

The In-Person Interview

Doing well on your test guarantees that you will be shortlisted for a face-to-face interview. Usually, the in-person interview at Dassault Systèmes is conducted in the form of a panel. You will have an opportunity to have a conversation with managers, senior managers, directors, and engineers from your prospective department.

In addition to questions about your working experience, prepare to answer questions related to your applied position. If you have recently graduated from college, you may also talk with your recruiters about your latest academic projects, research experience, and career goals. You may be also quizzed about specific computer programs and programming concepts.

Be ready to answer questions about CAE and CAD, too. Some questions may be situational. It is advisable to answer them according to the STAR format, because this method allows you to describe a challenging working situation and your approach to it more clearly and comprehensively.

You may also get a task. For example, you may be asked to parse a file having employee’s data (Name, Phone number, Address etc.) and create an appropriate data structure to store it by using regex.

In turn, your prospective managers may talk to you about the company, the technical requirements of your position, and the project on which you may work, if you get hired. Questions posed during the phone and in-person interviews at Dassault Systèmes are variable.

Together with questions about your education and working experience, you may need to answer behavioural, situational, and technical questions. Some of these questions are listed below.

Questions Posed During the In-Person Interview at Dassault Systèmes

The questions listed in this section were posed to real job candidates during their face-to-face interviews sometime in the past. By reading them attentively, you may receive a clear idea of what to expect during your upcoming interviews in the company:

⦿ Are you familiar with ISO?  
⦿ What was the most complicated project you worked on in your previous workplace?
⦿ Where have you used share-point?  
⦿ What kind of software projects did you work on, relevant to this job? 
⦿ What is your experience with contact mechanics?  
⦿ Why did you choose to apply for this position?
⦿ Why are you a good fit for Dassault Systèmes?  
⦿ What is a mesh? How can you analyse it?
⦿ What are the different types of mesh?  
⦿ What is troubleshooting?  
⦿ What are Polymorphism, Inheritance, and Dynamic Programming?  
⦿ What are the differences between static and dynamic linking?
⦿ What were your responsibilities in your previous workplace?
⦿ Are you a team player?  
⦿ What major challenges and problems did you face in your latest workplace? How did you handle them? 

From these examples, you can gather that technical questions take up the lion share of the questions asked during the interview at Dassault Systèmes.

Brush up your technical knowledge and programming skills before you show up for your interview. It is also crucial to research the company and the structure of its business.

Feeling confident will also help you create a lasting impression during your interview. Go to our interview kit that contains tips on how to boost your confidence before the interview. 

Get Your Preparation

JobTestPrep always conducts a thorough research about the company and pre-employment tests that it offers. Based on our findings, we create close test simulations and compile a list of pertinent interview questions, from which job applicants can benefit, raising above their competitors and landing the desired position by the end of the recruitment process.