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Before the interview questions and group exercises, you will need to demonstrate your capabilities related to the role you are applying for through several aptitude tests. Learn more about the RAF OASC Aptitude Tests.

OASC Exercises

In this set of exercises you are split into small groups of four or six people. In all, there are five leadership exercises designed to allow you to demonstrate your leadership potential and style in challenging environments. Throughout the day you are assessed against a series of competencies including: confidence and resilience, oral communication, influence, problem solving, and teamwork.
The exercises include:

Group Discussion

In this exercise you are given a topic to discuss in your group, but the the topic will change every few minutes. These topics are picked as they can be controversial, and your role is to speak up for yourself and demonstrate how you listen to discussions and understand what is going on around you. The topics are general knowledge, and you are able to add your own knowledge and opinions to the conversation.There are three topics for discussion on topics such as: “Has technology made it easier to communicate or has it adversely affected the way we socialise?” Prepare your tactics for the group exercise with JobTestPrep’s group exercise pages.

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Group Planning Exercise

Your group is given a series of papers, setting out a scenario, which includes a number of problems. Over the first 20 minutes, you are expected to analyse the problems and use your calculations to come to a solution on your own. Over the next 20 minutes your group will discuss the situation to come up with a team solution, and in the last 15 minutes, your group will answer questions from the assessment board on your chosen solution. To prepare for this exercise you need to think about how you evaluate information and make decisions. Some advice for this exercise is to assign roles to different members of the group so that more information is covered and more than one thing is done at a time, and be prepared to communicate clearly. Find out more about how to prepare for and take part in a case study exercise with JobTestPrep.

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Hangar Familiarisation Period

This is a 20 minute presentation introducing you to the upcoming set of hangar based exercises.

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Leaderless Exercise

In this exercise you are expected to work as a team, without anyone taking the role of leader. The exercise involves moving the team, and a set of equipment, across an obstacle course. Anyone in the group is able to come up with a suggestion on how to do this. You are being assessed on how you both lead and work in a team, and how you learn from what goes on around you.

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Command Situation Exercise

In this exercise, every member of your team will have a chance to act as leader at some point. The task is to create a plan of how to complete the obstacle course, and then do it. You are assessed on how you encourage your team as leader, and how you work as part of the team when you are not in charge. When leader, you have 2 minutes to create your plan, and 13 minutes to complete the exercise.

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Individual Planning Exercise

In this exercise you work alone. You are given a challenging scenario and asked to devise a solution. You are assessed on your planning ability and presentation skills. This exercise lasts 30 minutes in total, with 20 minutes to assess the problem and come up with a solution, and 10 minutes to give your presentation explaining your solution and take questions from the panel. In order to prepare for an exercise such as this one, read up on how to deal with a case study, as well as JobTestPrep’s advice and tips on how to give a presentation.

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OASC Interview

This interview contains two parts, and lasts 45 minutes in total. Part one of the interview is about you and your achievements to date. You can use examples from school and college, sports, work in the community, or any other voluntary work. Part two of the interview looks at your motivations for joining the RAF, what you know about the RAF, about the military and current affairs. You also have the opportunity to ask questions in the interview.

Through the interview, you will be assessed on your manner; speech, and power of expression; your activities and interests; physical fitness and potential; your awareness and motivation; and your overall impact.

The RAF are interested in six competencies:

  • Awareness of military, domestic and international issues
  • Influence
  • Confidence and resilience
  • Ability to communicate
  • Motivation for a military career
  • Teamwork

When describing your past experience, don’t forget to use examples which show your behaviour against the skills the RAF are looking for in your role. Organise your examples around the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to make sure you include all the information you need. Other questions in the interview may involve current affairs, so make sure you are up-to-date with the latest news. And for the RAF section of the interview, make sure you know about the history of the RAF, recent or past operations, and what the RAF currently does. The interviewers are looking for clear and concise answers, and they will cut you off if your answer takes too long, so think about how to formulate your answers in the most acceptable way. And don’t forget to pull all of this preparation together with a mock interview. A mock interview, such as JobTestPrep’s Skype based interview, gives you the opportunity to rehearse your answers in interview conditions, with the added bonus of feedback from our trained interviewers.

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RAF Interview Questions

Some of the questions you can expect in an RAF interview include:

  • What do you think the qualities of a good team player?
  • Why do you want to join the RAF?
  • What choice of career are you most interested in? Why have you chosen that career? And what are the skills you have to match the role?
  • What is the role of modern airpower in peace keeping operations? (Officer Selection Interview)
  • How old were you yesterday in years, months and days? (Officer Selection Interview)
  • What is your view on taking the life of the enemy? (Officer Selection Interview)
  • Are you prepared to kill or be killed? (Engineering Officer)
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Specialist Interviews

Applicants for some roles will be invited to a specialist interview or test about the career you have chosen. These interviews normally take place on an RAF base. You are interviewed by a specialist in the field, and you are being tested to ensure you have the particular skills for the job you have applied to. This interview can take between one and three days as you may also have to take additional tests to ensure your suitability to the role. For example, additional fitness tests might be required for an applicant who wants to become a Physical Training Instructor.

To prepare for this type of interview, make sure that you know the job requirements, and prepare examples of how you fulfil these requirements. For more tips on how to prepare for an interview, see the JobTestPrep online interview preparation pack.

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OASC Fitness Assessments

Three elements - bleep test, measures your aerobic endurance; sit-ups, tests core strength and endurance; and press-ups, measures upper body strength and muscular ability. You must pass all three elements to pass the test.

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