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This free session is a glimpse into the quality practice resources offered in our RAF Aptitude Test practice pack. Experience the question levels and detailed explanations we provide for each test section. 

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RAF Assessment Information

The Royal Air Force aptitude tests are created to test a range of cognitive abilities and each test measures specific elements of the cognitive process that have been identified as important for job and training success. They are administered as the RAF Airman test or RAF Airman Selection test. RAF entrance test results for each respective cognitive area (i.e. RAF maths test) are added up to create an average overall score. The RAF recruitment tests are computer based, but advanced computer-operating skills are not required. Before the RAF exam begins, you will receive directions describing how to fill out each test, including the RAF practice questions which are designed to reinforce your understanding of what must be done and explain exam requirements. The assessment marks specify your potential for success during professional training in different branches; however, not all branches have aptitude tests linked with them. Depending on your branch choice the RAF aptitude test score requirements vary. Therefore, it’s a good idea to thoroughly prepare for every outcome on the RAF entry test.

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RAF Airman Selection Test

The RAF AST test is the name given to the main assessment for the RAF airman recruitment process. The tests take place in a purposefully built test room which has the capacity to test up to 45 candidates simultaneously. The AST test for RAF is taken on a computer fit with special hardware such as foot pedals and joysticks to accompany every aspect of the AST RAF test. There are rest breaks after each stage of testing and all ASTs are timed therefore you will be required to answer as quickly and accurately as possible. The full test programme can last up to 8 hours so it’s a good idea to be mentally and physically prepared for such an ordeal. Each of the RAF Airman Selection Tests are designed to measure specific abilities and skills of the RAF candidate.

RAF AST Information

  • 1. The Airborne Numerical Test is typically the first test that is completed. This was designed to test the abilities in mathematical problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to estimate answers as demanded in an airborne environment.
  • 2. Angles, Bearing and Degrees Test is a spatial test design to assess a RAF candidate’s skills when judging angles and bearings.
  • 3. Auditory Capacity Test is a short-term memory test designed to assess the memory capacity under multiple tasks.
  • 4. Cognitive Updating Test which is an assessment made up of different tasks designed to assess the ability to manage and coordinate tasks in a challenging environment.
  • 5. Colours, Letters and Numbers Test is specifically created to assess the ability to shift attention between different tasks.
  • 6. Digit Recognition Test is used to assess your short-term visual memory specifically when dealing with a string of digits.
  • 7. Yet another spatial test in the RAF recruitment process is the Directions and Distances Test which has been added to the battery to assess your ability to interpret descriptions of spatial relationships.
  • 8. Dynamic Projection Test asseses your skills in interpreting and directing movements within a dynamic 3D environment.
  • 9. Instrument Comprehension Test involves inspecting instrument readings to visualise the orientation of an aircraft.
  • 10. Another Mathematical Reasoning Test is administered to test the candidate’s skill when solving numerical problems.
  • 11. Numerical Operations Test follows, which is more arithmetic than the previous test and it involves doing simple arithmetic in a very short time.
  • 12. Rapid Tracking Tests is an eye-hand coordination test which addresses the ability to track and target objects using the joystick.
  • 13. Sensory Motor Apparatus Tests are designed to assess your coordination. However, the aspect of feet is added too. A candidate will be asked to use the joystick and the foot pedal to aim a cross-hair and keep it in an area for as long as possible.
  • 14. Situational Awareness Tests is a multiple task assessment that requests you to collect verbal, numerical and pictorial information to build and maintain a mental picture of a changing situation to solve problems.
  • 15. Spatial Integration Test is a special test added to collate information provided by several 2D images so as to for a 3D air/group picture.
  • 16. Systems Logic Test is a reasoning test used to test your ability when it comes to solving logical problems related to a system based on numerical and verbal information from different sources.
  • 17. Table Reading Test assesses your skills when it comes to scanning and cross-referencing tables of information.
  • 18. Target Recognition Test is a multiple task test designed to test your ability to search and identify a series of visual targets on the screen.
  • 19. Trace Test 1 is a spatial test which is basically like a flight simulator and it’s designed to assess your ability to orientate in 3D space.
  • 20. Trace Test 2 is like the previous assessment except it tests your ability to remember the movement of objects in a 3D space.
  • 21. Verbal Logic Test is a simple read the text and respond to the questions type assessment to test your ability to interpret written verbal information.
  • 22. Vigilance Test is an assessment used to grade your ability to scan information and switch priority between tasks rapidly.
  • 23. Visual Search Test is the final exam and it is an assessment created to test a RAF candidate’s skill when it comes to scanning information under strict time constraints.

RAF AST Preparation Summary

As you can see above the RAF assessment is a very time consuming and challenging assessment. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you are well prepared and confident of your abilities. The sole way to achieve this is through practice, preparation and more practice. Ensure you have your best shot of success by trying our sample RAF exam questions and signing up with JobTestPrep to unlock more detailed RAF AST preparation materials.

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