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MAS Holdings Hire Process

If you are serious about grabbing one of the MAS holdings vacancies you must prepare for a number of upcoming pre-hire tests (according to the position you are applying for.) These can include Numerical and logical reasoning, IQ and Microsoft Excel among others. Don’t let competing job seekers get to the job you deserve.

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MAS Holdings Interview Process

To best provide you with an example of what your hiring process wil look like, we will look at a recent interview process for the Management Trainee position so you can better prepare.


There is no doubt that this interview process is difficult and will include numerous interview with various levels of management attending at each stage. You may be asked to attend up to 6 tough interviews spread out over a couple of months and will be required to complete IQ, Numerica,  and logical online reasoning tests as part of the process. There is no better way to preapre yourself than with JobTestPep.


MAS Holdings Online Testing

Here area test that you should be preparing for before even sending in your CV. Getting a head jump will only be benificial. Here are some facts that you should know.

What Does the Numerical Reasoning Test Show My Hiring Manager?

The Numerical Reasoning test shows you future employer that you are capable of performing mathematical processes that are needed in the execution of any number of duties in the company. This includes data in graphs, charts or excel lists and more importantly understanding how these figures can be used in developing corporate strategy.

What is the primary goal of the Logical Reasoning Test?

Logical reasoning also called Verbal, Inductive, or Deductive Reasoning tests, assesses the candidates' ability to read and understand complicated texts and, most importantly, to utilize critical thinking skills to draw conclusions and recognize important facts. You can learn more about the concepts and types of inductive reasoning tests and deductive reasoning test practice here. 

The GCI test is often referred to as IQ test, since its results do not depend on candidates’ knowledge of specific languages, which makes it useful in assessing people’s cognitive abilities in many countries and cultures. On the test, you will be shown images and matrices, through which will run a specific pattern establishing a unique relationship between them. You will be given a set of rules governing this relationship, on the basis of which you will need to specify the next step in the sequence. This type of reasoning and decision-making is thought to be indispensable in many different jobs at many levels.

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