Sales Manager Psychometric Tests: Personality & Aptitude Preparation

Sales managers, directors, consultants and executives constitute the management levels of the sales profession. Recruitment of a sales manager is more multifaceted with an emphasis on both the sales side of their professions and the leadership side. As a sales manager applicant, you can often expect a set of sales manager assessments, including both psychometric and aptitude tests. Learn more about these types of tests and how to prepare for them.

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Sales Manager Skills

The sales aptitude tests that you can expect as a sales manager will assess you against a set of skills. Below is a list of a few desirable skills in sales managers. The sales skills list should be read in conjunction with the list on the general sales staff page.

Leadership skillsSales skills
Coaching, training, improving staffResults oriented
Allowing staff to grow and giving up controlUnderstanding of strategy
Manage staff - set clear goals and objectivesMonitoring of performance
Judgement and decision makingProblem-solving skills
 Management of financial resources

Sales Management Personality Tests

Sales managers can expect personality tests aiming to assess the personality requirements of both a salesperson and managing a sales team. A work based personality test measures your leadership and management styles, your attitude to work, your tenacity and sales related skills. The test will also try to look at your ability to motivate your team, especially in a tough environment such as sales. Learn more about work based personality tests, and how you can prepare for them with our personality test pages.

Sales Manager Psychometric and Aptitude Tests

Sales manager aptitude tests will depend on the position and sector you are applying for. Managers need strong reasoning skills to set the direction and goals of the sales team. A fuller list of management aptitude tests can be seen on our management pages however, here are a few tests you can expect in a sales manager recruitment process:

Numerical reasoning - tests will look at your ability to understand management or sales information presented in numerical formats and use it to form conclusions. Information presented could include sales data, financial reports or accounts’ sales reports.

Verbal reasoning - verbal reasoning tests assess your language skills, how well you understand written information, extract critical points from your reading and use it to support an argument. The types of materials you may be given in this test include competitors’ analysis, marketing materials or a list of client requirements.

Abstract reasoning - abstract reasoning tests examine your lateral thinking skills. The questions based on shapes and patterns are a measure of how quickly you can learn new information and make the connections between pieces of data to solve problems.

Situational judgement - situational judgement tests look at your responses in certain work based situations. Questions in a sales manager situational judgement test will look at how you manage sales teams or individuals who are not hitting their targets; how you would work with a difficult customer or how you would support a team member in managing their difficult customer.

Sales Manager Tests From Testing Companies

CompanyPackagesExample Tests

Saville Consulting

Swift Analysis Aptitude

Verbal analysis test
Numerical analysis test
Diagrammatic analysis test
Abstract analysis test
Wave personality test
Situational judgement test


Retail Manager with Sales Solution
Sales Manager Solution

Verbal reasoning
Numerical reasoning
Inductive reasoning
OPQ32 personality test
Situational judgement


Scales series

Inductive logical reasoning


Deductive logical reasoning

Numerical consumer - reasoning

Verbal consumer - reasoning

Shapes management

Shapes personality questionnaire

Situational judgement

Aptitude Test Preparation

Preparation is key for any test and aptitude tests are no exception. By taking practice tests you will familiarise yourself with the style of test, identify your strengths and weaknesses and give yourself the opportunity to improve your score. In the case of psychometric tests, the familiarity with the style of questions and thought processes will help you address the company’s values and present yourself well in the test.

Here we have prepared practice test packs at a range of levels from entry level to senior managers. Other test packs emulate the styles of test from the main testing companies. Prepare for your sales manager psychometric and aptitude tests with us.