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What Stages Does the Recruitment Process Have at Emaar?

The hiring process at Emaar is straightforward.

The Tests

After your résumé has been screened, you will be invited for an in-person interview, which will start with testing. What test you will receive will depend on your profession and the applied position. Recruiters at Emaar may want to evaluate your numerical skills, your logical skills, or your reading comprehension skills. They also care about the friendly atmosphere in their company. Therefore, they may ask you to complete also the Personality Assessment created to measure applicants’ general aptitude for an applied position. The Personality Assessment is not timed. You may take up to two hours to answer all its numerous questions. The Psychometric Tests are, by contrast, always strictly timed.

The Phone Interview

Sometimes, before you are invited to take the test, you may have a phone interview with the company’s recruiters. Answers asked during this interview will be mostly about your working experience, the company’s structure, and your career expectations.

The Face-to-Face Interview

The face-to-face interview at Emaar is conducted in the downtown of Dubai and may take the form of a panel. Expect to meet several managers at the same time. You may also have a conversation with team leaders and the CEO of the company.  You will be asked about your work experience and the position for which you compete with other job candidates. Other questions will be situational. You will need to tell your recruiters about a challenging working situation that you faced in the past, focusing on the solutions that you found to solve it. When you answer this type of questions, try to follow the STAR format. Answering situational questions according to it yields the best results and helps recruiters understand your personality most fully. Your recruiters will also want to ascertain your professional and personal aptitude for the position and the company at large.

In some cases, you will be asked to prepare PowerPoints presentation at home and show it to your potential bosses during your face-to-face interview. Alternatively, you may be asked to participate in various case studies. Note also that if you compete for a position that involves working with technology, you will have a technical interview consisting of difficult technical questions, for which it is advisable to prepare beforehand.

Passing the test and interviews with success is difficult. Do not hurt your chances of being employed at Emaar by showing up for your assessment unprepared. Study with our all-inclusive PrepPack™ and become a part of the company, moving its business forward.

What Questions Are Posed at Emaar’s Face-to-Face Interviews?

Questions asked by recruiters at Emaar are different. They can be competency-based, situational, or technical. Here are some of the questions that Emaar’s recruiters asked job candidates in the past:

  • Why should we hire you?
  • What challenging situation did you face in your former workplace?
  • How do you manage changes in your workplace and work in general?  
  • Will you want to travel abroad for sales?  
  • What are your strengths and weakness? 
  • What managerial style do you prefer?
  • If you were in charge, what would you do to make Emaar a better place to work?  
  • Explain the app distribution process;
  • What are pointers?
  • What are the differences between arrays and sets?

Compose clear and smart answers to these and similar questions before you cross the threshold of an interview room at Emaar’s headquarters in Dubai. You may also go through a few dry runs of JobTestPrep’s practice materials and gain knowledge and confidence before your examination and interviews. Our comprehensive resources will help you stand out among your competitors.

What Tests Are Administered at Emaar?

Emaar’s recruiters administer several tests to their prospective employees. What test you will be asked to take depends on the position for which you are vying with other job candidates. If in performing your job well it is important to calculate well, you will be asked to pass the numerical test. If your role presupposes more reading of documents and writing reports, you will be invited to take the verbal or reading comprehension test. You may also take the logical test or the personality assessment. For your convenience, close simulations of all these tests are included in our PrepPack™.

The Verbal Reasoning Test

This test measures how well you understand and analyse information presented in a written form. Expect to be given a short text to read on the test. After you quickly perused the test that will appear on the left-hand side of your computer screen, you will need to analyse statements that will appear on its right-hand side. You will need to evaluate a truth-value of these statements in relation to the information presented in the text you have just read. If a statement supports the given information, tick it off as “True.” If it contradicts it, mark it as “False.” There will also be statements whose truth-value you will not be able to determine, because the text will not contain required information. If you cannot ascertain whether the statement is true or false, mark it as “Impossible to Say.” The Verbal Reasoning Test is timed. You will not be given time extension, if you do not answer all its questions on time. Therefore, you will do well, if you practise in advance. Check out our all-inclusive practice materials and become well prepared for your pre-employment assessment at Emaar.

JobTestPrep does it best to prepare exclusive practice materials to help job candidates to become employed by the company of their choice. Do not miss an opportunity to prepare well for your pre-hire assessment. Practice with our PrepPack™ and make a meaningful contribution to the blossoming of Emaar Properties.  

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