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About JobTestPrep's EDF PrepPack

This pack provides you with the resources you will need to gear up for the EDF recruitment. Complete your assessments with confidence by removing the element of surprise. Know everything you should ahead of your recruitment process by practising with JobTestPrep's full-length tests, score reports, study guides, and more.  

Application Form

The first step of the EDF recruitment process is the EDF Online application form. It is important to ensure that you have done sufficient research, both about the company and the role. All information that you enter will be reviewed and you will be asked questions about it later on in the application process. You should also ensure that you enter all information in the form which you think might be relevant as it may very well help you in the application. There are some key values of EDF that you need to include in the competency questions in the application form as well as your CV that you need to upload to the system. These are:

  • Caring for each other, making safety the priority
  • Excellent performance
  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Integrity
  • One team, one company valuing the diversity of other people

EDF Online Tests

All candidates applying for the EDF graduate schemes have to take EDF online tests that are provided by CEB SHL. There are a number of possible tests you can face but in general, you will only be asked to take numerical and logical reasoning tests.

Notwithstanding this information, if you are lucky enough to be invited to the EDF assessment centre you will have to take these tests among others. Hence it is worthwhile preparing for them all as this will give you the confidence to perform at the highest level whenever you need to do so. The different tests are:

EDF Numerical Reasoning Test

In this test, you will be presented with various forms of numerical data such as tables and graphs. After analysing the information within, you need to answer multiple choice questions relating to the data by using percentages, ratios, and other basic numerical functions. There is approximately just one minute to answer each question in the EDF numerical test so you need to be able to work accurately and at speed. There are a number of difficulties you face when taking this test. First of all, there is the actual content which you may not be familiar with as it is probably a while since you last had to tackle numerical problems. The bigger difficulty is, however, the short time frame allowed.

Many people fail at this stage not because of their inability to answer the questions, but because of their speed. Answering the questions within a short time period without any pressure is difficult, but when you have to do so with added pressure, it makes the exercise exceedingly so. Therefore it is recommended to pracitse taking these tests in order to be fully confident when you come to take them for real.

Logical Reasoning Test

Some candidates will also be asked to take a logical reasoning test before the EDF assessment centre. Bear in mind that you will be asked to take not just this test but also a variety of other psychometric tests at the assessment centre. In this test, you will be presented with a variety of different shapes and matrices that have a specific logical pattern flowing through them. You have to discern this logical pattern and use it to select the missing pattern in the sequence. Logical thinking tests require you to think in a slightly different way than you are used to but this pattern of thought can be taught and with practice, you can improve your skill level significantly.


The Right Preparation Tools is Key to Passing Your EDF Recruitment Process

JobTestPrep offers you EDF-style numerical reasoning test, logical assessments, and prepares your EDF telephone interview with this PrepPack. The tests follow CEB SHL test structure to familiarise you with the nature of the assessments ahead of your test day. Get ready today to land your desired job!


EDF Telephone Interview

After you have successfully completed the EDF online tests, you will be asked to take part in a telephone interview. The purpose of this stage of the process is to convey to EDF what you have so far not been able to convey through the online forms. The EDF telephone interview is pretty short at only approximately 25 minutes long and is competency based. However, the questions require serious thought in order to answer them in the correct manner. In order to do so you need to demonstrate that you possess the key competencies of the company that we mentioned above. This is best accomplished through the STAR method as using this style gives the interviewer a complete picture of you. Preparing for the EDF telephone interview is challenging as it is the first real opportunity to show a member of the EDF team that you have what it takes. 

Some EDF Interview questions include:

  • Tell me about a time you had to complete a number of different assignments at the same time.
  • Tell me about a time you had to analyse important information and make a decision based on the facts.
  • Describe a project that stretched your abilities.
  • Why did you apply for this particular EDF graduate scheme?
  • Why do you want to work for EDF?
  • What difficulties do you think EDF is facing at the moment?

EDF Interview

If you pass the EDF telephone interview you will be invited to one or more face-to-face interviews. If you are applying for an EDF job vacancy you will first interview with one of the company's recruitment agencies, then with the HR team and the operation manager(s). In case you are applying for an EDF internship, you will be assessed by a recruitment manager. The questions will be regarding you, your experience, and you may also be requested to demonstrate you are the right person for the job by completing work-related tasks.

EDF Assessment Centre

If you are applying to one of the EDF energy graduate schemes and have passed the previous stages, you will be invited to attend a two day EDF assessment centre where you will face a number of different psychometric tests, other assessments and interviews. 

EDF Graduate Scheme

Part of the recruitment for EDF is in the EDF graduate scheme that offers graduates many different roles and career paths within EDF Energy, within two main areas. The first is the Commercial branch of EDF which includes places for the HR scheme, project analysis, and finance among others. The second branch of activity is in the Nuclear Science and Engineering stream which includes places for engineering roles, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, and more.

What Is a Psychometric Test?

EDF employs psychometric tests or aptitude tests to ensure they will select the most suitable candidate for the advertised vacancy. These tests include numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning tests. You may encounter test assessment during the assessment day. Find out more information about the Psychometric test.

What Types of Psychometric Test Question Should I Prepare for?

Typically, psychometric tests have multiple-choice questions. This would present you with a question and offer you various possible answers. Your task is to recognise which option is the correct answer.

Which EDF Apprenticeships Are Available?

EDF apprenticeships are offered in five different sectors: engineering maintenance, business, smart metering, supply chain, and project controls. EDF apprenticeships offer you a career path and thorough education in your chosen sector.


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