Cubiks Problem Solving and Logiks Tests Explained

The Cubiks problem solving is aimed to assess the accuracy and speed by which one can solve numerical and verbal problems. The test is designed for non-managerial recruitment in several companies worldwide.

Cubiks Problem Solving
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  • Our packs reflect Cubiks' question styles, time frames and no. of questions per test.
  • Hunderds of Q&A, including detailed answers, solving tips and videos.
Cubiks Logiks Practice Tests
  • Cubiks Logiks-style numerical, verbal and abstract practice
  • 5 Logiks-style tests, as well as extra practice, video tutorials and study guides.

Cubiks Problem Solving and Logiks Tests - Details and Practice

Cubiks Problem Solving Tests

Used as a key indicator in assessing general cognitive ability, widely acknowledged to be an excellent indicator of both potential and performance, the Cubiks Problem Solving series comes in a variety of formats.
These tests are used in a wide variety of job applications but particularly so in specific cases. The Cubiks Problem Solving Test Battery are used for secretarial and office assistant positions, engineers, and other non management positions. These exist in both written as well as an online assessment.
The Cubiks problem solving tests cover a battery of different subjects involving both verbal and numerical questions.

The verbal questions cover the following areas:
  • Logical reasoning – These are in the form of multiple choice questions with three possible answers being True, False, or Cannot Say.
  • Verbal analogies – Presented will be two statements and the candidate has to decide whether there is a true analogy, a false one, or neither.
  • Pairs of concepts – Two words are presented and the candidate has to decide whether they have the same meaning or not.
  • Deviation from category – Presented with five different words, the candidate has to choose the odd one out.
  • Antonyms – Given five different words, the candidate has to select the word that is the opposite of the subject word.

The numerical questions have several categories:
  • Series of numbers – Here the candidate is given a series of different numbers and has to give the next one in the series by working out the rule of the series.
  • Simple calculations – In this test the candidate has to work out some simple calculations such as completing the sum working out the missing number or equation.
  • Complex calculations – These are tests where the candidate has to make calculations that require more than one function to complete.

Our customised Cubiks-style Problem Solving Pack offers tailored problem solving tests - both in a detailed and in a timed format, extra practice tests and drills, as well as video tutorials and study guides detailing numerical and verbal reasoning. This will enable you to get the best preparation, while having the confidence achieved by removing the element of surprise ahead of your Cubiks assessment.

Cubiks Logiks tests

The Logiks series is similar to the problem solving test in the test's timing and number of questions. However, the Logiks test consists of three sections:
  • Verbal - similar to the problem solving set
  • Numerical - similar to the problem solving set
  • Abstract - The candidate is asked to recognise shape features; complete a sequence; differentiate the odd shape out; and recognise mirror shapes.
Our Cubiks Logiks-style practice pack covers all of these topics, included within five complete Logiks-style tests, as well as in topic-specific practice tests, video tutorial and study guides.

In Summary

The Problem Solving, as well as the Logiks series, represent a unique challenge to the candidate, as they require quick analytical problem solving skills, judged both on speed and accuracy in two or three completely different topics. Preparation ahead of your assessments provides confidence and ease-of-mind, in addition to the benefits of learning your weaker issues and gaining the ability to practice and perfect them before going in for your final assessment.

Here at JobTestPrep we have all the tools to help you achieve the maximum on your Cubiks assessment test. With not only a host of tests that can be taken in a timed test environment, but also full explanations explaining the logic and reasoning behind each question.

We look forward to assisting you and wish you the best of luck in your job application!

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