About Cubiks Problem Solving Logiks Tests

Cubiks problem solving tests are used in a wide variety of job applications, particularly for certain specific positions. For example, Cubiks problem solving tests are used for secretarial and office assistant positions, engineers, and other non-management positions. These tests exist in both written and online forms.

The Cubiks problem solving tests cover a battery of different subjects involving both verbal and numerical questions.

Verbal Questions

  • Logical reasoning – The candidate must choose between the options of 'True', 'False', or 'Cannot Say'.
  • Verbal analogies – The candidate is presented with two statements and must decide if there is a true analogy, a false analogy, or neither. 
  • Pairs of concepts – Two words are presented, and the candidate must decide if they have the same meaning.
  • Deviation from category – The candidate must choose the odd one out out of a list of five words.
  • Antonyms – The candidate must choose the opposite of the subject word from a list of five options. 

Numerical Questions

  • Series of numbers – The candidate is given a series of different numbers and asked to provide the next one by determining the series' rule.
  • Simple calculations – The candidate must perform some simple calculations, such as completing the sum, to work out the missing number or equation.
  • Complex calculations – The candidate must perform calculations that require more than one function to complete.

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Cubiks Logiks Tests

The Logiks series is similar to the problem solving test in the test's timing and number of questions. However, the Logiks test consists of three sections:

  • Verbal – similar to the problem solving set
  • Numerical – similar to the problem solving set
  • Abstract – the candidate is asked to recognise shape features, complete a sequence, differentiate the odd shape out, and recognise mirror shapes

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Prepare for Success

The problem solving and Logiks series represent a unique challenge as they require quick analytical problem solving skills. Both series judge speed and accuracy in two or three completely different topics. Preparation provides confidence, ease-of-mind, and the ability to assess your weaknesses before taking the real exam. Practise and prepare today with JobTestPrep, and apply with confidence.

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