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CP Foods UK’s Hiring Process

There are several stages in the CP Foods UK hiring process that you should consider prior to submitting your CV and application. These stages will often include:

  • Application Process: Prior to applying for the open role of your choice, you will be prompted to request job description information and an application form from the CP Foods HR Department. You will be able to find this information directly from the CP Foods jobs webpage for the UK.
  • Initial Interview: After emailing your you CV and application to the CP Foods HR Department, you may be contacted to participate in an initial interview. This interview will either be held over the phone, via video conference, or on-site.
  • Employment Test: If you have successfully passed the initial interview, you may be required to take one or more pre-hire aptitude tests. These tests will evaluate your workplace persona, English skills, and Microsoft Office skills.
  • Assessment Centre: Regardless of the position you have applied for, you may need to engage in an assessment centre. At the assessment centre or assessment day, you will meet with many other applicants and participate in group activities, additional tests, and interviews. Not all CP Foods jobs will require participation in an assessment centre during the recruitment process.
  • Final Interviews: After passing the initial stages of the PC Foods UK hiring process, you will be invited to participate in one or more personal interviews. These interviews will either be held one-on-one or before a panel.

CP Foods UK Thomas International Tests

The most common test that applicants will need to take and pass during the CP Foods recruitment process will be the Thomas General Intelligence Assessment (GIA). This test was designed to evaluate you in a variety of different areas, including:


Reasoning These types of exercises were designed to evaluate your ability to make inferences and draw conclusions based on the information you are presented.
Perpetual Speed In this section of the test you will be presented with pairs of both upper and lowercase letters. You will need to identify the number of pairs are the same as quickly as possible.
Number Speed & Accuracy You will be presented with a set of three different numbers in this section of the test. You will be tasked with choosing the number which is furthest from the number in the middle.
Spatial Reasoning In this section you will be presented with two pairs of images that have been rotated by various amounts of degrees. To complete this section you will need to identify the pairs where both images are the same and not merely mirrored.
Word Meaning You will need to identify the unrelated word in the group of words presented to you during this section of the test.


The purpose of your pre-hire entrance exam is to not only measure your cognitive abilities but to also gain insight into your potential performance in the role being offered. Other psychometric tests taken by CP Foods applicants may include an English skills assessment, and/ or a Microsoft Office test.

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