About BP

Most BP assessment centres last for two days, with a meet and greet event on the preceding evening in order to get to know the other candidates as well as some other graduates and managers at BP. Take advantage of this time to get pointers from graduates and introduce yourself to the managers. The actual assessment centre starts the following morning.

Group Exercise

During the evening event you are split into groups of four and you will work with this group throughout the following day. In the BP assessment centre there are three different group exercises to go through. Each exercise relates to something that could happen on the actual job you are applying for. For example, you may have to do an analysis of a new possible site for mining oil. You are expected to solve the issues presented in the exercise as a team and it’s important during these exercises to show off your teamwork skills, making yourself heard but not overpowering your group. Note that staying silent is not an option either. 

The BP Case Study and Presentation Exercise

In this individual task you are given 3 different business strategy options on how to complete a certain task. You are then given about 80 minutes to go through all the material concerning the task and work out an answer with justifications for your decision.

You then present your decision to a BP manager and answer questions on your findings in a 15-minute presentation. Following your presentation, you can expect questions from the assessors. Make sure to prepare yourself for this and think about possible questions that you might be asked in order to prepare solid and justifiable answers. Moreover, you may be forced into a corner in the ensuing discussion. If this happens remember that one of the values of BP is courage. Admit that you have made a mistake and ask, “So what do you think is the best solution?” This shows that you are always willing to admit that you have made a mistake and that you are results-oriented, which is another one of BP’s values. Learn how to prepare for a case study and give a great presentation with our preparation materials.

The BP Reflective Review

The BP reflective review is a chance for you to go over the tasks of the assessment day with one of the BP managers. You may have already spoken to this manager in your telephone or technical interview. This is the final task of the day and it is more of an informal chat than a real task. The manager wants to know where you enjoyed the day most and where you found it difficult. This is the final impression you make with BP before receiving an offer so make sure you come out on top. It’s also your last chance to ask any questions you might have about the company and position.

Prepare for Success

BP is one of the largest energy providers not just in the UK but throughout the entire world. In order to get a prized position there, you need to show that you have all the skills required as well as the competencies expected of you. JobTestPrep has helped countless people harness their potential to be great employees by helping them successfully pass the recruitment process. We hope you have found this article informative and helpful and we look forward to helping you too land your dream job.