The ACER Verbal Reasoning Test

The ACER verbal reasoning testis a 20 minute subtest that forms part of a one-hour, three part test. In fact, there are five different sections to this test, three in the Core VST and a further two that are optional. This test is used to assess your ability to understand relationships between different concepts is a way that is different to standard verbal reasoning tests.

Similarly to flow charts, concept maps, and brainstorming maps, the ACER verbal reasoning test demonstrates a few different main ideas with branches running off each of these concepts into particular fields. For example, one main concept could be “office block” and various stems of thought could include: reception area, café, boardroom, toilets, etc.


What Does the ACER Verbal Reasoning Test Evaluate?

This ACER aptitude test is used not only to assess your verbal ability but also to see concepts as part of the bigger picture. By doing well in this test it shows your ability to take various interrelated concepts and pull them together to form the entire picture, seeing where each cog fits in. In a way, it is similar to being a detective where you are given sometimes disjointed information and you have to act on the way the information presents itself to you.


Prepare for the ACER Verbal Reasoning Test

Preparation for the ACER verbal reasoning test is important because the analytical style of the questions is something that many have never faced before. Getting to know and think in the way of the test gives you a full understanding of what is expected from you. This allows you to perform at the best possible level you are capable of. Although some feel that this test is hard to prepare for, we know that if you put in the requisite preparation time you will gain a high mark.

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