Prepare for the ACER VST Quantitative Numerical Reasoning Test

Are you expecting to take the ACER Vocational Selection Test (VST) as part of your job application process? Here we will focus on the ACER numerical reasoning test, known as the quantitative reasoning test.

The ACER Numerical Reasoning Test

The ACER numerical reasoning test is a 20 minute subtest that forms part of a one-hour, three part test. This test measures your numerical skill level is relation to various images and structures. There are four possible answer choices and you have to select the correct one after doing the necessary calculations. The calculations centre on the four basic skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) as well as surface area, volume, and related mathematical concepts.

What is the ACER VST Used for?

Many Australian companies including the Melbourne Fire Brigade (MFB), use the VST to assess the suitability of their candidates for positions. Typically, it is used in the screening of apprentices, trainees and graduate recruits. Not only does this test your mathematical ability but it also must be completed in the short time frame allowed. Hence this test is particularly helpful for recruiting positions of authority and those working under pressure. There are five different sub-tests in the ACER VST, three core ones being numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning and a further two being mechanical and interpersonal understanding.

ACER Test Sample

Take a look at this ACER test sample question from JobTestPrep’s test system: Below are four different designs of auditoriums. Design 1 is the standard and has fixed values for the width, length and height of the room. The other designs take into account the different seating arrangements.

  • W is the width of the standard room.
  • L is the length of the standard room.
  • H is the height of a standard room.
ACER VST Quantitative Numerical Test Sample

What is the total area of auditorium 4?

  • More than design 1 and more than design 2
  • More than design 3 and less than the design 1
  • Less than design 2 and more than design 1
  • Less than design 2 and more than design 3.

If we look at the different images above we can rank them in terms of area from small to large: 1,2,4,3. Now we have to compare area 4 to the other options. For example option 1 tells us that auditorium 4 is larger than 1 (correct) and also larger than 2 (correct). Hence this is the correct answer. To answer the questions correctly you need to establish an order and from there you can compare the statements to it. By doing this you will be able to quickly see which of the answer options is correct and which is incorrect.

Prepare for the ACER Numerical Reasoning Test

The ACER numerical reasoning test has an outline and setup different to the typical numerical reasoning test. Hence preparation and just rudimentary mathematical knowledge isn’t enough to be sure of success when taking this test. Here at JobTestPrep we have successfully helped thousands of applicants with various psychometric and aptitude test preparation.