Prepare for the ACER VST Abstract Reasoning Test

Are you expecting to take the ACER Vocational Selection Test (VST) as part of your job application process? On this page we will focus our attention on the ACER abstract reasoning test.

The ACER Abstract Reasoning Test

The ACER abstract reasoning test is a 20 minute sub-test that forms part of a one-hour, three part test with the other two sections testing numerical and verbal reasoning. There are also two sections of this test that focus on mechanical reasoning and interpersonal understandings.

This abstract reasoning test is used to assess your ability to think in a more lateral sense and is in fact closely related to inductive reasoning tests. On this test you must use the presented information to formulate a theory about how the different images relate to each other. Using this relationship you need to select the next image in the pattern.

ACER Test Sample from JTP

Have a look at the example below, which one of the options on the left do you think continues the pattern demonstrated by the images on the right?

ACER VST Abstract Reasoning Test Sample Question

There are two different items in each of the squares, white circles and black boxes. If we take the black boxes we see that as we scroll through the images from left to right the small black box moves from one to corner to the next in an anticlockwise direction. Hence we know that the pattern should “reset” itself for the next image in the sequence. A different pattern is used for the white circle. 

What Is the ACER VST Used for?

Many Australian companies including the Melbourne Fire Brigade, (or MFB) use the ACER VST assessment to assess the suitability of their candidates for positions. Typically, it is used in the screening of apprentices, trainees and graduate recruits.

What Does the ACER Abstract Reasoning Test Measure?

The ACER test of abstract reasoning measures a number of different skills. Firstly you are being assessed on your GMA, General Mental Ability and for this reason this test is sometimes called the ACER general ability test. Hence this test is a good predictor of success in the workplace as it shows a skill level that is highly adaptable across many areas at work.

The second aspect of this test is that the ACER test of abstract reasoning doesn’t discriminate between languages. If, for example, you are taking the ACER verbal reasoning test you need to work in that language. However, if you are used to thinking in a different language you can do so without this having a negative effect on the outcome of the test result.

Prepare for the ACER Abstract Reasoning Test

Preparation for the ACER test of abstract reasoning is important because although you may have some understanding of the skills involved to pass these exams there are many and they are varied. Hence an exposure to many different styles of questions and explanations gives you an understanding of what is required and enables you to perform better when actually taking the ACER tests for real.