Testgrid Cognitive Ability and Aptitude Tests & Behavioural Assessments

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About Testgrid and Their Assessments

Testgrid is an Australian testing company providing psychometric tests for a variety of companies across many industries, predominantly in Australia, and they are associated with ACER.

They provide a suite of online ability and behavioural tests aimed at all types of workers. Testgrid psychometric tests can be split into two main groups: cognitive ability and aptitude tests; and behavioural assessments. Start preparing for these tests and ensuring your success with JobTestPrep's various resources. 

Prepare for Testgrid Tests

Testgrid psychometric tests are used by employers to reduce the pool of candidates, usually at an early stage of the recruitment process. Therefore it is important to prepare for the tests thoroughly and avoid losing out early on. By taking practice tests you will go into your test with an understanding of what you need to do in the test; you will also gain familiarity with the format and content, giving yourself the tools you need to succeed. 

JobTestPrep have developed a full suite of test PrepPacks™ designed to give you all the practice, guidance and tips you need to improve your test score. In order to prepare for the Testgrid, start practicing today with our resources for cognitive ability and aptitude testsbehavioural assessments and Personality Test Sample