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A Situational Judgement Test (SJT) is used by many employers as part of the hiring process. Get our comprehensive SJT preparation materials, feature practice tests, answer explanations and detailed score reports, to increase your chances of securing the job you desire.

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How to Find Your PrepPack™

For your convenience, we have created a wide range of PrepPacks™ to cater to your needs. In this way, you can focus your skillsets on SJTs test questions you likely will experience during your interview. If you do not see the particular SJT you are looking for, take the generic SJT. Find a list of SJT PrepPacks™ above. 

The Creation Behind the Pack

Our SJT PrepPacks™ have been carefully crafted by trained psychologists and experts in the proper field to give you high-quality and accurate information. Additionally, we conduct research on the actual exams and review our users' personal experience. Through this method, we can ensure top-rated products which have been praised by clients such as Oxford University, University of Cambridge, Durham University, the Daily Telegraph and more. Learn more by reading about us.


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Our PrepPacks™ have been specially designed to further help you obtain your dream job. You can find specifically designed SJT PrepPacks™ to further gain your chances of hiring success. Given the research put into each PrepPacks™, we can ensure you obtain the best score possible given the amount of practice you put in. If you are not satisfied with our product, receive your money back guarantee. Check out our refund policy for more information.

Test Content

Unlike psychometric personality tests, scenarios presented in SJTs always ask for a resolution of a given conflict, which, although being hypothetical, might very much rely on realistic situations that occur in the workplace. Conflicts involve supervisor-subordinate relationships, stress and disagreement between work colleagues and more. You are asked to choose a preferred method of action out of a number of possible options. The situations described may vary according to the position one is applying for. Managers, police officersadministrative workers and customer service representatives are all likely to receive different scenarios as they are being evaluated for specific traits and aptitudes.

Question Format

 SJTs come in a number of formats: multiple-choice questions with only one correct answer, most-least answer tables in which more than one option must be chosen on a certain scale, etc. On many of these tests, each scenario is accompanied by a short video scene—performed by professional actors—simulating the situation. While these formats can be confusing, familiarising yourself with them is your best hope of mastering the material and acing your exam. Begin your self-practice with us today!

Which Employers Use This Test?

Situational judgement tests are now part of the selection process of many reputable employers, including law firms, global financial firms, banks, governmental organisations and armed forces. For instance, one of the most famous financial services companies in the world, KPMG, is known to use this test.

How to Prepare for Situational Judgement Tests

We offer preparation materials, sample questions and different kinds of Situational Judgement Tests PrepPacks™. Learn more by clicking one of the links below.