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Many of the Shell graduate schemes have one final set of tests for you to come through in order to finally get that job offer, the Shell assessment centre. There are various different tasks at the assessment day and we outline them below. Throughout the time spent at the assessment centre, you are measured against the key competencies that you can find below. Incorporating these into your every action is your way of ensuring that you are doing the best possible job.
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Know What to Expect at the Shell Assessment Centre

Shell Pre-Assessment Event

The Shell assessment centre in actuality starts the previous evening when the candidates will all come together and you will be briefed on the activated that you will face the next and how you should go about impressing the assessors. You will be taught about the Shell CAR criteria that form the basis of the Shell competencies. CAR stands for:

  • Capacity: You should be able to be analytical and creative being able to gather information to create a complete picture from many different sources of information.
  • Achievement: You should be result driven and be able to produce results even if doing so is not within your comfort zone.
  • Relationship: You have to be able to craft and create relationships with many different types of people, treat them with respect and learn together to produce the best possible result.

    Shell Assessment Day

    The different exercises and tasks that you will face at the Shell assessment centre are:

    During the assessment day you are in a group of 5-8 other candidates. Note that you are not competing for the position with these candidates, rather tested against the competencies and evaluated on your individual performance.

    Shell Case Study, Presentation, and Interview

    In the Shell case study you are given a number of different documents about a fictional company. The documents contain background information on the company and its operations.You need to read through the provided documents in order to prepare a presentation and make recommendations on where you feel the company should move forward. You must carry out thorough analysis of the key points in your information pack to craft your recommendations. In the Shell presentation, you present your findings and recommendations to one or two assessors who then ask questions on your findings for about 10 minutes. While crafting your presentation, it is worthwhile to try and incorporate the CAR criteria into it. This shows that you not only have the skills to create a great presentation but you are also highly motivated to work for the company. 

    Shell E-Tray Exercise

    In this Shell assessment day exercise you are presented with a typical work based scenario that you would encounter in the office. You are given a computer and a scenario whereby you are presented with a number of emails that you have to rate for urgency, go through and respond to. As the exercise progresses, there will be more and more emails arriving in your inbox. You have to show that you can multitask and see “through the fog” in order to respond to the right emails instead of getting bogged down in a short and low priority task. Read more about E-Tray exercises here.

    Shell Written Exercise

    As well as this, the last part of this exercise is to create a short report and recommendation about one of the tasks in the emails you received. This report should be a full report, with an introduction, main body with the recommendation and analysis that contains both the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen path; and a conclusion. Writing reports is a skill that you need to be good at in order to do well in this section of the assessment day. 

    Shell Group Exercise

    In the Shell group exercise you, together with a small group of candidates are given a brief describing a business proposal. As a group you have to analyse the different companies on offer and come up with a solution to the problems presented in the brief. Throughout this group exercise you are assessed on your ability to “gel” with the other candidates whilst working towards a common goal. Although the decision has to be made, this isn’t the main focus of the activity. In reality, you are being assessed on the CAR criteria. You have to be positive but not trample on anyone else’s ideas as well as showing clear thought processes showing why you are making the decisions you are.

    Shell Numerical Reasoning Test

    Candidates for trading roles have to take the numerical reasoning test created for Shell provided by Cubiks. This test is very similar to the test you previously took, however the level of difficulty is higher. Review the necessary skills you need to complete these tests successfully with our numerical reasoning practice tests.

    Shell Business Scenario Interview

    Candidates for commercial roles are given a business scenario which you need to analyse with regard to risk, potential course of action and likely strategy impact. You have 15 minutes to prepare your discussion points before your interview with an assessor. The interview lasts for a further 20 minutes and, as well as business related questions, you can expect competency questions and questions about your previous experience.

    Shell Technical Presentation and Interview

    Candidates for technical roles can face both a presentation and interview, based on their level of experience in the field.

    For presentations, experienced candidates are given a list of topics to choose from prior to the assessment day.You should base your choice around relevant research or work experience. You need to prepare a 15 minute presentation on your topic which is followed by a 30 minute question answer session with the assessor. You are allowed to use a computer during your presentation.

    For interviews, inexperienced candidates have a 30-40 minutes interview and discussion regarding relevant projects you have worked on.

    These final presentations and interviews focus on your specific skill set and your potential ability to contribute to the company. Therefore, it is imperative that you fully prepare yourself and make sure your skills are up to scratch. 

    In Summary

    There are many different stages in the Shell recruitment process and this tells the story that they are only interested in taking the best. Ensuring that you are fully prepared for every stage of the way is your way of showing that you are the right person for the job. We hope you have enjoyed this article and look forward to helping you on your way to success. Good Luck!

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