Practice Like the Real Assessment & Pass Shell HireVue Games Assessment!

Shell is using HireVue Games as part of its recruiting process. These are innovative and engaging pre-employment assessments including game-based challenges designed to measure a candidate's cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and potential for job performance dynamically and interactively.

How Can You Prepare?

To excel in HireVue's game-based assessments, familiarizing yourself with the types of games, their objectives, and the skills they aim to test is crucial. Practicing with similar game-based challenges can significantly enhance your readiness, mitigate test-related stress, and allow you to demonstrate your true competencies effectively.

To assist you in acing any HireVue Games assessment, we've crafted the first and only comprehensive HireVue Games gamified preparation course. This course features practice games, detailed explanations of strategies and solutions, and comprehensive score reports.

By simulating the assessment environment and providing insights into your strengths and areas for improvement, our course ensures you approach your assessment day with utmost confidence and preparedness.

Get the new and unique HireVue Games PrepPack and get one step closer to getting a job at Shell!


Shell HireVue Games Assessment

Our Course Includes Prep for the 5 Most Frequently Used Games:

Numerosity - Arithmetic Guide, Interactive Guide, and 3 Simulations
Flashback - Interactive Guide, 3 Level Practices and 2 Simulations
Shapedance - Interactive Guide, 4 Practices and 2 Simulations
Digitspan - Interactive Guide, 2 Section Practices and 1 Advanced Section 2 Practice Test
PortraitXT - Full Personality Test, Personality Test Guide, and 30 Single Trait Practices