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Prepare for aptitude tests and interviews for jobs in the science, medical, or pharmaceutical industry with JobTestPrep. Our practice tests, detailed explanations, and solving strategies are what you need to get ready for your pre-employment assessments. Learn how to ace your evaluations and get hired for the position that you desire.


What Is the Hiring Process in the Science, Medical, or Pharmaceutical Industry?

The hiring process for jobs in the science, medical, or pharmaceutical industry can be lengthy and intensive. It often involves several rounds of interviews as well as the completion of psychometric tests. While the details of the screening process vary depending on the position and the company to which you are applying, you can expect the hiring process to include the following steps:

Apply: Fill in an application form on the company's website and submit your CV and cover letter. Be sure to include any keywords listed in the job posting and to ensure that your application shows that you fulfill the job requirements.

  1. Aptitude Tests: If recruiters are impressed by your CV and cover letter, they will contact you and invite you to take a psychometric test. This is an exam which evaluates your personality or job-related skills and abilities. You can find more details on pre-employment testing below.
  2. Phone Interview: Candidates who pass their aptitude tests will be contacted by a recruiter or human resources manager for a phone interview. Interviewers may ask you questions about your work history, information you provided in your cover letter, your availability, and why you want to leave your current position.
  3. In-Person Interview: This is a competency-based interview which is usually run by a team leader or human resources manager. You should research the company's core competencies so that you can ensure that your answers match them. You can expect to be asked behavioural and situational questions relating to how you behave and interact with others in a work environment.
  4. Second-Round Interview: This is a meeting with higher-level managers and it is more technical than the previous interview.
  5. Final Interview: The last step in the hiring process is usually a group interview or a 'blitz' interview in which all candidates meet with management, one after the other. This allows employers to compare top applicants and decide who is most qualified for the job. 

Prepare for the hiring process using JobTestPrep's study materials and beat the competition.


What Tests Will I Have to Take?

Most science, medical, or pharmaceutical employers require candidates to take at least one assessment. The most common tests are numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests, abstract or logical reasoning tests, and personality tests. The test provider varies from company to company, so ask the human resources department which specific test provider they use. Exams are usually online, multiple-choice tests with a time limit.

  • Numerical reasoning tests evaluate your ability to comprehend and analyse information in the form of graphs, tables, and equations.
  • Verbal reasoning tests assess your level of reading comprehension and ability to identify facts and conclusions.
  • Abstract or logical reasoning tests evaluate your deductive or inductive reasoning skills, and often require you to identify assumptions and make inferences, or recognize a pattern and choose the next shape that would come next in a given pattern.
  • Personality tests help employers to determine if you would fit well into the role and company that you are applying to.


How Can I Succeed in My Pre-Employment Assessments?

Some tests contain material that you may not be familiar with, and others have a strict time limit that adds a layer of difficulty to the test. Practising before your tests will allow you to become comfortable with the structure and content of the exams and understand how to manage your time. Achieving a high score on your pre-employment assessments is key to getting hired, since candidates are often ranked according to their scores on these tests.

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