Practice and Prepare for Philip Morris Assessment Test

The Philip Morris assessment test is one that you need to pass in order to get hired by Phillip Morris. According to our research as well as through the eyes of you, our dear readers, this will be the SHL Verify Interactive test. It's probably the most challenging adn complex cognitive assessment on the market today. 

You have just 36 minutes to get through 24 difficult numerical, inductive, and deductive questions. Want to give yourself the best chance of success? 

This PrepPack™ is unique and currently the only practice online of this most difficult test. 

Get ready today with this great resource. 

Philip Morris Preparation
  • 3 SHL Verify Interactive G+ practice tests (72 questions)
  • The ONLY preparation accurately simulating SHL's Interactive Test
  • Detailed answers and explanations to ALL practice questions
  • Additional practice questions to further amplify your skill
  • One-time Payment
  • Bonus: Prepare for SHL's Personality Questionnaire

What Is the PMI Assessment Test?

The Philip Morris Assessment Test is the Verify Test provided by SHL, which is a pre-employment assessment widely used across many different fields. It contains 24 questions to be solved in 36 minutes.

Questions in the Phillip Morris Test are evenly distributed between 3 categories (8 questions each):

  • Numerical - The main focus of these questions is dealing with interactive, complex tables and graphs.
  • Inductive - In these questions, you will need to interact and experiment with rules applied to abstract shapes.
  • Deductive - Interactive deductive questions require you to rank or organise schedules and calendars by dragging and dropping.

It is no coincidence that 1.5 minutes are given per question (an eternity in the world of psychometric testing), as the questions on the PMI Online Assessment are sophisticated, elaborate, and complex.

Want to take a practice test? Check out our SHL Free Practice. 

How Can I Prepare for my Philip Morris Tests?

Weather you are applying for a job or being promoted, practicing is the key to your success. JobTestPrep's PrepPack™ can help you prepare for any scenario. Our tests matches the style and format of the real test for each job level.


The Phillip Morris Assessment Test is the ONLY online prep course with practice questions that follow the content, structure, and format of the actual SHL Interactive Test, and will teach you in advance how to overcome these challenges!