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Prepare for Your Merck Assessment Test

Since 1992, JobTestPrep has assisted job-seekers in landing their dream jobs. By using our Saville-style preparation materials you will be able to facilitate your learning process and improve your overall test scores. Enjoy 24/7 access to JobTestPrep’s online catalogue to prepare not only for your Saville exam but your assessment centre and interviews as well. Show MSD Ireland that you have what it takes to excel in the role being advertised by practising with JobTestPrep.

Merck Sharp & Dohme Ireland’s Hiring Process

MSD Pharmaceuticals in Ireland is always on the lookout for the best and brightest candidates in their fields. There are many different stages in the MSD recruitment process that you should prepare for. Regardless of the position you have applied for within MSD Ireland, the recruitment process may include:

  • Application Process: To apply for one of the many MSD Ireland jobs, you will need to visit the MSD careers webpage. Once you have selected a role that matches your skill sets and qualifications, you will be prompted to create a new user account, complete an online application, and attach your CV.
  • Employment Exam: Once your application and CV have gone through the initial screening process, you may be asked to complete an online aptitude test. Be prepared for additional assessment tests ranging from personality, logical and numerical reasoning, and verbal skills throughout the hiring process.
  • Phone Screening: If you have successfully passed the initial screening and assessment process, you may be contacted for a phone interview.
  • Assessment Centre: Depending on the role you have applied for you may be required to participate in an assessment centre. During an assessment centre you will meet with many other applicants to engage in group exercises, additional psychometric testing, and interviews.
  • Personal Interviews: The final stage of the MSD company hiring process will be face-to-face interviews. Be prepared to participate in more than one interview in the following settings: one-on-one, group, and panel.


Merck Sharp & Dohme Ireland

MSD Ireland used the Saville assessment provider for most candidates applying to their company. The purpose of psychometric and skills testing during this process is to ensure that each applicant possesses the traits necessary for fulfilling the role being advertised. Below you will find more information on what to expect during your MSD entrance exam.

Saville-Style PrepPacks™

The Saville assessments were designed to evaluate you in many different areas, depending on the role you have applied for. The Saville assessments you may be expected to take will range from abstract reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning, error checking, mechanical reasoning, numerical reasoning, spatial reasoning, and verbal reasoning.

Our Saville-Style All-Inclusive Pack Includes:

  • Saville-Style Swift Comprehension Practice Tests
  • Saville -Style Swift Analysis Practice Tests
  • Saville -Style Swift Diagrammatic Reasoning Practice Tests
  • Saville-Style Abstract Reasoning Test
  • Additional Drills and Practice Questions
  • Video Tutorials and Study Guides

Each area that you will be tested on during the MSD Ireland hiring process will help to demonstrate a variety desirable skills and abilities that you possess. By practising beforehand with JobTestPrep you will be able to harness and improve on the skills being looked for by the recruitment team at MSD Ireland.

Launch your MSD Ireland career by practising for your tests & interviews with JobTestPrep online.

Merck Sharp & Dohme Ireland Interview Process

Whether you are interviewing over the phone or in-person, the recruitment team at MSD will ask you a variety of questions pertaining to your CV, previous work experience, education, skills, and workplace behaviours. Below you will find information regarding how to prepare for your MSD interviews as well as the types of questions you may be asked during this process.

Preparing for Your Merck Sharp & Dohme Ireland Interviews

MSD is always on the lookout for the best and brightest candidates entering their recruitment process. To ensure that you are putting your best foot forward every step of the way, be mindful that you:

  • Research the company beforehand. By researching the company prior to your interviews you will be able to better demonstrate your interest in not only the role being offered but the company as well. Being prepared in this way will give you the ability to
  • Read through and understand the job advertisement. Reading through and understanding the job listing you are applying for will help you throughout the interview process. Most job listings describe the skills sets and qualifications necessary to fill the role. By reading the job listing you will be able to better explain how your personal experience and skills match up to those being desired by the company.
  • Dress for success. Make sure that your outfit is clean and pressed, that your shoes have been shined and that your hair is appropriately styled.
  • Maintain proper body language. Not only will your responses to your interviewers be assessed, your non-verbal demeanor will also be under scrutiny. Remember to sit up straight, don’t fidget, and make eye contact.

Merck Sharp & Dohme Ireland Interview Questions

Below you will find many examples of questions that are commonly asked during the MSD Ireland interview process:

  • Why have you chosen to apply at Merck?
  • What previous experience do you have that can be applied to this position?
  • How would you handle a workplace conflict?

We recommend that you use the STAR interview method when answering behavioural-style questions.


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