Free Sample Microsoft Word Questions

Below are free sample questions that resemble the questions seen on a typical Microsoft Word assessment. Questions are divided by delivery methods - interactive test or multiple choice. Good luck!
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Sample microsoft word test questions

In order to properly practice the following tasks, copy and paste the text on the left to a clean Word document (left click, hold and drag to mark the text, right click – choose "copy", at the Word document, right click – choose paste)

Attendance list

Zack Col
Sandra Cooper
Don Miller
Stacey Cobos
Dana Garsen

John Dennis
Linda Gross
Mellisa Little
Jeff Silano

When you start, your Word page should look like this:

word assessment test main question

Basic level sample questions:

  1. Change the margins to "Narrow"
  2. Sort the students names alphabetically in ascending order
  3. Add numbering to the students and teachers lists separately.
  4. Change the layout of the students list into two columns
  5. Create an "annual style" header.

Advanced level sample questions:

  1. Add a Developer tab.
  2. Record a macro that will apply a yellow highlighting. Name the macro:
  3. "approved" and assign it the shortcut "ALT+K"
  4. Insert a bookmark next to the "attendance list" title. Name it "Title"
  5. At the word "Back", create a hyperlink to the Attendance list title.
  6. Change the document settings to show readability statistics

Here are some sample Microsoft Word test questions that can appear on a multiple choice test:

  1. Which of the following methods could you not use to zoom in?

  1. Holding Ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel
  2. Using the zoom tool at the "view" tab
  3. Ctrl+Shift+Z
  4. Using the zoom slider at the bottom right corner.

  1. I want to create a second copy of the document under a different name. What should I do?

  1. Copy and paste the text
  2. Use "Save As"
  3. Press Ctrl+Shift+Z
  4. Open the file again

  1. The following ribbon is:

Word Test Question 3

  1. Insert tab
  2. References tab
  3. Review tab
  4. View tab

Intermediate-advanced level sample questions:

  1. What does a blue "wavy" underline that appears under a word mean?

  1. The word is out of context
  2. The word is misspelled
  3. There is some grammar issue with that word
  4. The word is written twice on succession

  1. What are these numbers stand for?

  1. 1-Full screen  2-Bookmark 3-Paragraph 
  2. 1-Print layout  2-Full screen 3-Outline
  3. 1- Web layout 2-Bookmark 3-Outline
  4. 1-Full screen 2-Print layout 3-Paragraph

  1. The Thesaurus feature:

  1. Suggests other words with a similar meaning
  2. Enables you to edit text according to a similar template
  3. Offers a translation to a second language
  4. Counts the number of words in a sentence

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