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What You'll Get

  • 5 full-length Talent Q Aspects Numerical practice tests
  • 3 full-length Talent Q Elements Numerical practice tests
  • 13 Talent Q Tables and Graphs drills
  • 18 Extra numerical drills
  • 18 Study guides and video tutorials


Knowing that many companies require their prospective employees to pass the Talent Q Numerical Tests, JobTestPrep has created a Master PrepPack™ that includes a variety of Aspects and Elements Talent Q-style Numerical tests, ranging from the entry and operational to managerial and graduate levels of difficulty. These tests are mostly designed to measure your ability to read and analyze information presented in tables and graphs. With their help, you will sharpen your mathematical skills and will start solving numerical problems quicker and more accurately.

Another advantage that you gain when preparing with our Master PrepPack™ is that you can choose a test of a required level of difficulty and thereby ensure that tricky questions do not throw you off during your exam. We have tailored our materials to every level of difficulty so exactly that you will have no surprises on your test, sailing right through it with confidence. To help you track your progress while you are practicing at home, we have also added to our materials detailed study guides and video tutorials. They will greatly facilitate your learning process and will turn it into a more exciting experience. Practise with JobTestPrep and inspire your recruiters to make a hiring decision in your favor.

What Is the Talent Q Aspects Ability Numerical Test?

The Talent Q Aspects Ability Numerical Test is a good measurement of job candidates’ ability to understand the numerical information given in tables and charts and draw appropriate relevant conclusions on the basis of this information. As a rule, these tables and charts are accompanied by short narratives describing people’s habits or changes occurring to them through time. Job candidates are required to analyze this information and answer questions appearing below each table or chart, choosing one right answer among several wrong alternatives. Performing basic arithmetic calculations such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing will, therefore, be required to answer questions correctly. The Talent Q Aspects Ability Numerical Test is designed to test job candidates who use numerical data in their workplaces.  Note that the test’s questions are adjusted to the role for which applicants compete. Expect, then, to receive questions on your examination similar to tasks that you will perform at work, if you qualify for your applied position.  

What Is the Talent Q Elements Ability Numerical Test?

The Talent Q Elements Ability Numerical Test evaluates job applicants’ ability to analyze numerical data presented in tables and charts. As is the case with other numerical tests, tables and charts on the Talent Q Elements Ability Numerical Test are supplemented with short narratives elaborating on the figures and numbers contained in them. Candidates are expected to study the tables and charts carefully and, based on conclusions drawn from the given data, answer questions, choosing the right answer among ten options. What is unusual about this test is that its questions are adjusted to applicants’ level of knowledge. If they get the answer to a question right, the next question will be more difficult than the one they have just answered. With every correct reply, the difficulty of questions will grow. And vice versa, if applicants get a question wrong, the difficulty of the next question will either remain as before or will decrease.

A time limit allotted for each question will also decrease. This is another peculiarity of the Talent Q Elements Ability Numerical Test. To answer the first question you will be given 90 seconds. From the second question, a time limit will be reduced to 75 seconds. There are overall 12 questions on the test.

The multiplicity of options from which to select the right answer is noteworthy as well. Unlike other numerical tests that present job applicants with the maximum of five alternatives from which to choose the right answer, the Talent Q Elements Ability Numerical Test offers up to ten options of answers. Such a rich choice of replies complicates the process of answering, because it makes guessing impossible. Given answers differ from each other only subtly. You will need to know the right answer rather than just intuit it, if you want to make the right choice. Practicing is, therefore, the key to your success and employment. Prepare with our exclusive Master PrepPack™ and turn your plans to work in your desired company into reality.


Online Preparation for the Talent Q Numerical Assessment Tests

The Talent Q Aspects and Elements Ability Numerical tests are challenging. However good your mathematical skills are, you will not be able to pass the tests with high scores without practising. Scoring high is difficult because of a short time limit and ever-increasing level of difficulty of questions included in the tests. To prepare for your pre-employment assessment is thus essential, if you want to land a desired job. Go through a few dry runs with our sophisticated Master PrepPack™, where we brought together entry, operational, managerial, and graduate levels, so that you could select exercises of required difficulty. Prepared by JobTestPrep, you will perform well on your examination and will convince your employers that you have all needed numerical skills to fulfill your tasks at work with precision and success.


Select the right level of the Talent Q Numerical tests and start practising for your forthcoming pre-employment assessment. Our comprehensive practice resources will help you receive high scores on your tests and come a step closer to the employment in the company of your dreams. 


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Talent Q and other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. None of the trademark holders are affiliated with JobTestPrep or this website.

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