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About The Irish Civil Service PrepPacksTM

The Irish Civil Service offers individuals the opportunity to work in a variety of roles across many departments. The duties of Civil Service employees at a basic level are to assist in the formation of government policies and to implement government decisions in a public and efficient manner. While different skill sets are necessary for each position, all candidates are expected to be conscientious, resilient, communicative, analytical, and good decision-makers.

For which Irish Civil Service job is this Preparation Useful?

JobTestPrep's preparation packs will help prepare you for the Administrative and Principal Officer positions in the Irish Civil Service with our aptitude test and interview practice resources. 

The various points of entry for the Irish Civil Service each have a different series of aptitude tests during the application process. These tests are provided by cut-e, Creighton Hooper, and CEB-SHL. You are required to sit a verbal reasoning test and a numerical reasoning test at the appropriate level, and might be invited to sit further tests as well, such as critical analysis and job simulation exercises.

Candidates for junior and middle management positions, such as Administrative Officers, face a series of four tests, which consists of a personal assessment questionnaire, a verbal reasoning test, a numerical reasoning test, and a job simulation test. Those candidates applying to the Irish Civil Service senior management, such as Principal Officers, encounter a critical analysis test and a job simulation test. With the help of our Irish Civil Service preparation pack, you’ll find yourself able to work through the tests with ease.

Which Competencies does an Irish Civil Service Applicant Need?

On each of each position page, we specify which Irish Civil Service competencies are necessary to demonstrate. Choose the position you are applying to from the above list and learn about the values associated with your desired role.

Irish Civil Service Application Process

Recruitment for the Irish Civil Service is done through the Public Appointments Service (PAS). The process involves a number of elements, which may include one or more of the following: completion of an application, online assessments, interviews, a presentation exercise, and a group exercise. Whilst you will probably not receive every step described below, these are the possible steps you will have to go through for Irish Civil Service jobs. For more detailed information and preparation for your specific application requirements, please select the appropriate pack below which gives you more information on your application and what you will find in the PrepPack.

Irish Civil Service Hiring Process

You might encounter additional tests during the recruitment process, but most processes will reflect the diagram pictured above.

ICS Self-Assessment Questionnaire

If you are applying for an Administrative Officer role, your first test consists of a self-assessment questionnaire, which is designed to gauge your suitability for the job of Administrative Officer in terms of their personality. The test takes on average 10 minutes to complete and requires you to read statements about your character and to select how strongly you identify with each characterisation. The statements are divided into four categories: working with others, analysing information, making a contribution and getting things done, and personal commitment. 

ICS Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test, also called numerical interpretation, is a test of your ability to work with numerical data. You are provided with information in the form of charts and tables, and your task is to use the correct data to answer the related multiple-choice questions. To do that, you need to use basic maths functions. You can use our preparation pack to improve your mathematical skills required for passing the Civil Service Numerical Reasoning Test.

ICS Verbal Reasoning Tests

The verbal reasoning or verbal interpretation test is an examination of how well you can work with verbal information, and is comprised of short texts followed by 3–4 questions. In each question, you are given a statement and you must decide whether the statement is true, false or indeterminable in relation to the text. 

ICS Critical Analysis Test

The critical analysis test consists of five sections designed to assess your skills in analysing information and in decision-making. In each section, you are provided with a document followed by a series of questions pertaining to the information in the document. You must mark statements provided in each question as true, false, or indeterminable based on the information available. 

ICS Job Simulation Exercise

Job simulations, also known as situational judgement tests or SJTs, are designed to give employers a good understanding of your workplace behaviour. This is done by presenting you with a work-related situation and asking you to decide which of the supplied answers is most or least likely to be your response. Although these tests are based on judgement rather than knowledge, it is still possible and important to prepare, as practice can help you learn how to analyse the different responses and how to understand the situation fully. You can find helpful practice SJTs in our Irish Civil Service preparation pack.

Irish Civil Service Job Interviews

Following the online tests, you will participate in one or more interviews. Your preliminary interview will be conducted face-to-face on site in Dublin. For the interview, make sure to draw upon your past experience and to demonstrate the competencies expected of an employee in your desired position to show your suitability for the job. Competency-based interview practice is included in each Irish Civil Service position preparation pack. Choose your pack now to start practising for your interview.

Civil Service competencies are comprised of the following:

  • Leadership and strategic direction
  • Good judgement and decision-making
  • Management and delivery of results
  • Building relationships and communication
  • Expertise and self-development
  • Commitment to public service values

Prepare with JobTestPrep

The Civil Service recruitment process is rigorous, but with extensive practice, you can improve your chances of being selected to work in the Civil Service junior, middle, or senior management. Start preparing yourself now for the organisation's aptitude tests and interviews with JobTestPrep.


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