An Garda Síochána Inspector Competition 2024: What to Expect & How to Ace It

In July 2021, Heather Humphreys TD changed the An Garda Síochána promotion regulations for both sergeants and inspectors.

This is your chance to get that Garda inspector promotion by passing the new Public Appointments Service (PAS) exams.

The exams are not easy- but you can make sure you pass them with the high-quality practice material offered in the Preparation Pack on this page.

Keep reading to learn more about the PAS Inspector test and the PrepPack, so you can secure the promotion!


Note: Since the exams are brand new, the Prep material we offer is based on the test's question categories but may not be a perfect match to the format used on the test itself.

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An Garda Síochána Inspector Competition

The Garda Inspector Exam Pack includes:

  • 11 verbal reasoning practice tests
  • 16 numerical reasoning practice tests
  • 6 situational judgement practice tests
  • Extra Practice- 4 SJT Ranking Format practice tests

In addition, the pack includes 'tabs' cut-e style extra practice tests:

  • Verbal Tabs Format- 5 Practice Tests
  • Numerical Tabs Format- 6 Practice Tests

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What is the An Garda Síochána Promotion Exam?

As part of minister Humphreys' reforms, Garda sergeants applying for inspector roles must pass psychometric exams administered by the PAS. Those who pass those exams then undergo a competency-focused interview.

The role of the Garda's Inspectorate is to supervise the policing performance in the organization and make sure it operates effectively.

To assess applicants, the psychometric part of the promotion exams includes verbal, numerical, and situational judgement tests.

If you want to pass these tests, your best chances lie with practice tests for all three categories.

Now that you know what the inspector exam includes, let's learn a bit more about the different tests:


Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning tests measure your ability to analyse text and answer questions based on it.

These questions can be multiple-choice or based on deciding the validity of an inference based on a statement. Either way, you must accurately understand the written word.

Verbal Reasoning Sample Question

Read the following text, and then decide if the following statement is True, False, or undeterminable ("Cannot Say").

A day of national mourning is a day marked by mourning and memorial activities observed among the majority of a country's populace. Most are designated by that nation's government. Sociologists claim that national mourning is both a symbolic political gesture as well as a meaningful expression of grief. On the one hand, predetermined mourning days reflect and create a national community, united in a feeling of grief. On the other hand, mostly in mourning days instigated by the people, such as on the day of Princess Diana’s funeral, they reflect a spontaneous bout of pure grief manifested in the closing of shops and banks, cancellation of sports, theatre and cinema showings. Although the fervour of the mourning can differ dramatically from one country to another, there is no doubt that a day of collective grief is extremely good for national unity.




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The answer is Cannot Say.

Although the passage describes two types of mourning days (predetermined and spontaneous), it does not elaborate on how they are expressed in different countries. Notice that the word "fervour" does not mean activities.

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning tests measure your ability to look at data and draw conclusions from it. The data can be presented using graphs, tables, pie charts or other such methods.

These tests require quick and confident use of math and deduction skills.

Numerical Reasoning Sample Question

Analyse the following table in order to answer the question below.

Crime Type  Month Year Count Station
Assault and Battery 6 2021 23 Pearse Street
Assault and Battery 6 2021 51 Mountjoy
Assault and Battery 6 2021 51 Ballyfermot
Assault and Battery 6 2021 55 Donnybrook
Arson 12 2021 67 Pearse Street
Arson 12 2021 16 Mountjoy
Arson 12 2021 8 Ballyfermot
Arson 12 2021 3 Donnybrook

Which station has the lowest total assault & battery and arson reports in 2021?





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The answer is Dannybrook.

To answer the question, we must add up the assault & battery and arson numbers for each station, and find the one with the lowest total.

Pearse Street: 23+67=90

Mountjoy: 51+16=67

Ballyfermot: 51+8=59

Dannybrook: 55+3=58

Note: The "month" row offers no relevant information to answer the question.

Situational Judgement Test

SJTs present the test taker with different scenarios and asks them to choose a response. SJTs always ask for a resolution of a given conflict or situation that occur in a workplace.

You will be asked to choose your responses spontaneously, based on intuition; however, analyzing the scenarios and choosing responses that highlight your professional skills will allow you to better present yourself and your work persona on the test.

Situational Judgement Test Sample Question

Read the following text, and then choose your reaction.

You are directing traffic when a woman runs towards you, crying and holding a phone in her hand. She says that her sister is on the line, telling her that her ex-husband arrived at her house with a knife and threatening to kill her and her children if she doesn't open the door. The sister lives four blocks away from your location.
What is the first thing you should do?





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The answer is "Call the dispatcher and explain the situation".

This scenario describes a stressful situation in which help is needed urgently. However, before acting rashly, it's better to think for a second about the best way for you to help.

This question requires you to make decisions under stress.
You may want to take an active part in helping the woman, but remember the scene is four blocks away. You are too far away to respond in time (response A).

The most efficient and helpful action you could take is to report the situation to dispatch so that they can send a car to the scene (response C).

Leaving your post (response D) will not only be unhelpful, but it will also leave the post unattended and possibly cause additional damage or danger.

Talking to the sister (response B) might be helpful, but not as helpful as calling dispatch and having a car sent over.

Now that you know the challenges that face you on your inspector promotion exam, get the best preparation material available with the An Garda Síochána Inspector Exam PrepPack!

The PrepPack includes practice tests for Numerical, Verbal, and SJT tests so you can pass the exam and secure your promotion.

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