How to Prepare for Glovo's Recruitment Procedure

Glovo Pre-Hire Tests - Criterica CCAT 

The CCAT was designed to measure your aptitude and adaptability in regard to problem solving, grasping and applying new information, critical thinking, and skill development. The higher your score on the test is a testament to the aforementioned skill-sets.

You will need to prepare for the following subjects:

Verbal Section: These questions will focus on Letter Sequences, Antonyms, and Syllogisms . Considering that nearly every job requires varying levels of written and verbal communication, the CCAT assesses your vocabulary, ability to discern between similar and non-related words , and more.

Abstract/Inductive Reasoning Section: The questions will use shape matrices, odd-one-out exercises, and next-in-series drills to asses your reasoning skills to solve everyday problems and orient yourself in dynamic environments via object pattern and spatial recognition.

Math and Logic: These questions, make use of decimals, basic algebra, multiplication, division in the form of number sequences and word problems to evaluate your solving skills. By taking advantage of, mathematical and logic word problems, your ability to apply the data to new contexts will become known.


Test Facts: The test takes 15 minutes with a total of 50 questions and contains the following subjects math and logic, verbal, and abstract. Additionally, question types may include tables & graphs, syllogism, and error checking.


Personality Test

Companies across a wide spectrum of industries use personality tests for numerous types of positions. The goal of the test is to discern if you have the qualities needed for the job, such as, group interaction, self-reflection, team spirit, drive to learn, and more. 

The test may include from among several question forms, including: 

  • True/False
  • Agree/Disagree/Neither
  • Likert Scale (1 to 4, 1 to 7)
  • A statement followed by Least/Most


It is important to note that your answers will be cross-referenced with the answers with current top employees, to ensure that you will fit into the companies culture and that you maintain the necessary characteristics to succeed in the company and to ensure the success of the company.

Second, the idea that there is no “right or wrong answer” on the personality test is not necessarily true.. For instance, if you are you applying for a customer-facing position and you are asked a question relating to human interactions, then your answer will have an impact. 


Excel Test

While the Excel test is not integrated into the hiring process for every position at Glovo, job board , excel skills are need for a number of positions like HR, Operations Data Analyst, and Business And Finance, among other positions.


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