Prepare for Gen2-Style Technical Specialist Trainee Scheme Tests

Have you been asked to take a Gen2 aptitude test for the Technical Specialist Trainee Scheme? Learn about the testing process and how to prepare with JobTestPrep. Use this PrepPack™ to give yourself the best chance of success in the Gen2 tests. 

Gen2 Technical Specialist
  • 4 full-length cut-e-style (Gen 2) verbal reasoning practice tests
  • 1 spatial reasoning drill
  • 16 technical numerical information drills
  • 4 video tutorials
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This PrepPack™ contains four full-length cut-e-style verbal reasoning practise tests. These are very similar to those that you will be facing in the real thing. As well as this, you gain instant access to a spatial reasoning drill, 16 technical numerical information drills and four video tutorials. 


The Technical Specialist Trainee Scheme is sponsored by Sellafield LTD and Tata Steel and delivered by Gen2. The aim of the programme is to provide industry with highly qualified technicians and engineers with strong academic ability in science and engineering. As part of the selection process for Technical Specialist trainee roles for Gen2, candidates face five aptitude tests.

Technical Specialist Trainee Scheme Aptitude Tests include:

Numerical Test

This assessment measures your ability to understand and evaluate numerical data in an applied technical context. In this assessment you are presented with several different questions covering the following subjects: converting units, calculating percentages, volume and area. Try and work out the correct answers from the options given. This assessment is timed for 15 minutes, with 4 sections and 5 questions per section. You are given 3-5 minutes to complete each section and are allowed to use a calculator.

Spatial Reasoning Test

This assessment measures your ability to comprehend and manipulate objects in two and three dimensions. You have to work with three dimensional shapes, constructing these from the correct set of elements. You must understand how to manipulate figures in order to arrive at the correct answer choice. There are 12 questions in total and you will have 10 minutes in which to have a go at answering them.

Visual Thinking Test

This assessment measures your ability to think in a visual way. You are faced with an original picture and a copy, and you have to spot the mistakes between the two. Each task contains two pictures, the original being on the left and on the right, a copy containing three mistakes. You will have 6 tasks to work through in 5 minutes. The tasks may become more difficult as the ‘copy’ could be rotated or a mirrored copy of the original.

Deductive Logical Reasoning Test

This assessment measures your ability to use logical and numerical data to solve different problems. You are required to choose the correct operators to achieve a certain result. The actual assessment is timed for 5 minutes and consists of seven tasks in total. The time measurement starts automatically with the appearance of the first task on your screen. Use a pen and paper so you can work things through in a logical manner before answering the multiple choice questions. You can learn more about deductive logical thinking tests on our dedicated page. 

English Language Test

This assessment measures your reading and grammar skills in the English language. You are given a sentence together with a list of words and you are asked to choose the correct answer or to fill in the gap. The test includes 3 sections and you have 2-4 minutes to complete each section. Overall you have 10 minutes for this assessment, so try to work calmly and stay focused.

Prepare for Success

Each assessment contains full instructions and a further example provided as part of the assessment. If you are stuck, do not take a wild guess. It is best to move on to the next one. Do not take these aptitude tests lightly. Being fully prepared for these tests can help give your application a boost so it is important to know exactly what sort of questions you can encounter on the tests and how they are asked. Be focused, work quickly and accurately. Familiarising yourself using practice tests can give you the best preparation out there and allow you to complete the tests with confidence.

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