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Preparation For the Cristal Test

Cristal presents their applicants with a battery of aptitude tests, most likely by the renowned test provider SHL. This is crucial information, for each provider uses different evaluation methods - simply practicing generic Numerical Reasoning tests online for example, won’t cut it. Listed below are our closely modeled tests for the Cristal Assessments, along with explanations and study tutorials:

  • Psychometric-style Assessments: Verbal Reasoning test, Reading Comprehension, Numerical Reasoning test, Inductive Reasoning Test
  • Professional Skills Test: Mechanical Aptitude, Data Entry Test
  • Behavioural and Character Evaluation: Situational Judgement and Personality Test

If you truly want a shot at getting that position, get studying and improving as of now!

Preparation For the Cristal Recruitment Process

When applying online, make sure to follow Cristal’s guide and tips for submittal on their website. Same goes for the rest of the hiring process – take advantage of their detailed descriptions and hints and remember that if other applicants are aware of these, you’ll stand out (and not necessarily in a good way).
Assuming you’ve passed the initial CV screening, an HR representative will contact you and conduct an interview, or simply verify you’re interested in the position and instruct you how to proceed. This is also usually the point where online entrance exams are put forth when necessary, so your practise phase will be substantially short if you haven’t begun.

For certain positions, candidates will be invited to an assessment centre, where special techniques are applied to evaluate your management, marketing, problem-solving skills and more. The preparation for this type of evaluation is more complex and necessitates getting familiar with situations thrown at you if you want to produce the best reaction take a look at our up-to-date exercises.

Other than evaluating your self-presentation, how seriously you’ve researched their company and jobs, and explanation about where you could contribute, the Cristal interviews strive to elicit your compatibility for their jobs and workplace through a number of ways:

First are on-the-spot answers to “technical” questions encompassing your area of expertise and competency questions inquiring about your past experience of achievements and overcoming various challenges. Other than that, it is also possible that you’ll be required to prepare a presentation, analyze a case study, and undergo a group interview – although in most cases this will be saved for a second interview.





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