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About JobTestPrep’s Colgate PLI-Style Packs

When sitting down to take your Colgate PLI test, you will encounter questions you did not expect with timeframes you could not have anticipated. JobTestPrep’s Colgate PLI-Style Packs prepare you for every test eventuality, to allow you to quickly and accurately get ready to pass.


Get Ready for your Colgate PLI Test

Go into your Colgate PLI-style assessments with confidence using JobTestPrep’s highly comprehensive PrepPacks. Excel throughout every stage of the Colgate recruitment process by signing up today!


Colgate Interview Preparation

It is not uncommon to participate in several different interviews during the Colgate's recruitment process. The first type of interview is usually held over the phone with a representative from the HR department. Phone interviews typically cover questions concerning your availability, salary expectations, and prior work experience.

Additional interviews held by Colgate will be most likely be face-to-face, either one-on-one or in a group or panel. Preparing for each type of interview and their most common questions will give you an advantage over the other Colgate candidates.

Information for the Colgate Assessment Centre

The Assessment Centre has lately become a popular alternative to interviews and tests that many companies give as a part of their pre-employment assessment. In contrast to the usual method of the pre-employment assessment, the evaluation of job candidates at the Assessment Centre involves more than just tests and interviews and is thus considered more exact and fair. During an assessment event that may last a day or two, job applicants participate in group exercises and case studies. They also make a short presentation on a given subject. Other activities in which they may be involved in the Assessment Centre are role-playing and simulation exercises. While job candidates are engaged in these activities, they are being scrutinized by several assessors who give them points for their performance, which they compare between themselves by the end of the assessment day. Only few job candidates receive high grades and are invited to the final interview with the company’s high managers, after which they may be given an appointment letter.

How Is the Verbal Test Scored?

The Verbal Reasoning Test is evaluated not according to the number of correct answers that you get on it. Your score on the test is estimated against the scores of other applicants who are also taking it or those who already work in the positions similar to yours. Employers prefer this method of scoring on the Verbal Reasoning Test because it allows them to choose the top candidate from the pool of applicants. Yet this method can be the bad news for candidates themselves. It is more difficult to withstand the competition when your results are calculated relative to the scores received by others. Even an objectively high score may look comparatively low if all other test results are higher. Your 89% of correct answers will not open you the door to a face-to-face interview if your peers got 90% of answers right. Do not hurt your chances of qualifying for the desired position by not preparing for your Verbal Reasoning Test. Purchase our exclusive PrepPack™ and outshine other job applicants.

Can You Explain the SJT Formatting?

There are two primary SJT formats, which are linear and interactive. Before taking the test, understanding the differences between the linear and interactive formatting will help to aid you in choosing the right answer.

  • Linear Format: This format is simple as you will be presented with a straight line of questioning. In this format, each question is usually independent of the following or prior question.
  • Interactive Format: In this format, each question will branch off and lead into other questions and scenarios in a continuous thread of thought.

In either format, some scenarios might have only one solution, while others could have multi-layer resolutions. Lastly, remember that the answer is in the eye of the tester who will be looking for the best and worst alternatives to any given issue. Our situational judgement test page has more information.

What Kind of Questions Will I Have on the Calculation Test?

On the Calculation Test, you will have questions that will show a mathematical equation. Each of the equation will have an omitted number signified as the question mark (?). The question with the equation will remain on the screen for a specified amount of time. After its expiration, you will be redirected to another screen where you will put in the value of the omitted number. This screen will also be displayed for a short amount of time. Calculating quickly is, therefore, important on the Calculation Test.

Why Should I Prepare For the Colgate PLI Tests?

Practice is key prior to taking a PLI test. Colgate uses these tests to ensure that they are hiring the right candidate who meets their standards and workplace competencies. When using our PLI-style PrepPacks™ you will become familiar not only with the test format but also the appropriate way to respond to each question. In this way, you will surely be at an advantage over the other Colgate candidates.

How Is the Assessment of Job Candidates Conducted at the Assessment Centre?

While applicants are participating in various activities, their performance is being estimated by several assessors. Assessors are usually people who work as Human Resources consultants or line managers. They score the performance of job candidates against competency frameworks, giving points for every activity, comparing these points between themselves, and summarizing them by the end of the assessment day. Only after discussing all aspect of applicants’ performance do assessors make a hiring decision.


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