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Self–assessed verbal and numerical reasoning tests are an integral part of most civil service recruitment processes. These tests are used to remove a large proportion of the candidates from the running for all positions with the civil service. In order to avoid this being you, you must practise before taking the test. JobTestPrep offers a range of preparation materials for any civil service verbal and numerical reasoning test you may encounter, including the Cubiks tests used by the civil service fast stream.

Civil Service Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal reasoning tests are used to measure your English language skills and how well you can follow written instructions. In these tests you are usually given a passage of text and asked questions on what you have read. These questions may involve determining whether a statement is true, false, or you cannot say, based on what you have read, or deciding which statement agrees with the information in the text. These tests are usually timed, creating pressure on you to read the text quickly, understand it the first time and identify the answer all in a short period of time. You are usually asked three or four questions on each passage of text.

The civil service fast stream verbal reasoning test is provided by Cubiks. In this test, you are normally given 30 seconds to answer each question (there are two test lengths used depending on the scheme you are applying to). These tests contain between two and four true, false, or cannot say questions on each passage of text.

Other civil service verbal reasoning tests may be provided by different test providers. Whatever company provides the test, JobTestPrep has the practice test for you.

Civil Service Online Verbal Test Practice

Practising for your test offers several benefits, from helping you manage time in the test, to allowing you to devise solving strategies to answer questions correctly. By taking practice tests, you know what to expect in the real thing, and your confidence in your abilities is greater, enabling you to perform better.

JobTestPrep offers a range of test practice packs for all the main test providers. See our website for more information about the different types of verbal reasoning practice packs.

Civil Service Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning tests assess your ability to use numerical information relevant to your everyday work tasks. In these tests, numerical information is given to you in tables, graphs or charts and you are asked questions on what you can see. There may be one or more pieces of information each time, and you are given a set of multiple choice answers, but you must be able to identify the correct information and calculate the answer in order to pick the correct choice. You are usually asked three or four questions per set of information, and you have around a minute to answer each question.

The civil service fast stream numerical reasoning test is provided by Cubiks. In this test you have just over a minute to answer each question. Other positions with the civil service may have numerical reasoning tests from different test providers.

Civil Service Numerical Reasoning Practice

The pressure can build up quickly in this test if you are unsure about how to identify the correct information or calculate the answer. JobTestPrep’s numerical reasoning practice packs contain study guides, video tutorials and drills to help you master the basics for each test and ultimately improve your score. By taking these practice tests you will be able to work through the test quickly and accurately and get the final score you deserve.

More Civil Service Online Tests

Many civil service recruitment processes require candidates to take a civil service situational judgement test. This test assesses how you respond to workplace situations. Find out more about this test on our civil service situational judgement test page.

Practise Now for Success

Self assessed reasoning tests from the civil service are a key part of any recruitment process. Preparing for the tests is key if you don’t want this stage to be the end of your recruitment process.

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